As a new masters student you may have some previous knowledge of the contents taught in the pre-requisites. Perhaps this is not evident in your transcript and you would like to test to see if you can waive one or more.

The purpose of this page is to lay out some resources that can be helpful when preparing to take the placement test for the masters project.

The test consists of five sections, each corresponding to one pre-requisite course:College Algebra (MATH 173) or Basic Pre-Calc (MATH185)*, Discrete Math(CS201), Programming (CS200), Object Oriented Programming(CS207) and Data Structures(CS304).

Scoring: (a) With an 80% average in all sections you will waive all prerequisites. (b) If you don't achieve 70% in a section you will have to take the corresponding prerequisite even if it was not assigned to you in the first place. (c) You will waive all sections with 70% or above as long as their combined average totals 80% or more. Take a look at some scenarios to better understand this scoring system

The purpose of this mechanism is to let you know what are the courses you need to take in order to succeed in more advanced courses that the masters program requires. In many cases we cannot accurately determine what prerequisites students should take based on your application materials alone. Therefore, it is possible that we may overlook prerequisites that the student should take. The placement test should be a supplement that would give us a more accurate picture of the preparedness of the student.

NOTE* The placement test for MATH 173 should be taken at the NEIU Testing Center. Please make the necessary arrangements ahead of time

Materials to Help You Prepare

 For the MATH 173 portion of the test:
 Topics include:

  • Division, multiplication
  • Averages
  • Basic algebra (equations)
  • Percentages
  • Word problems involving percentages and algebra
  • Exponentiation/Logarithms
  • Multiplication of binomials

A good website to study these topics is

 For CS201, Discrete Math:

For CS200, Programming I:

For CS207, Programming II:

  • Take a look at this syllabus and either download the material or look up on youtube for relevant lessons.

For CS304, Data Structures:

Now, it may be the case that these resources do not match your learning style and they may seem too difficult. If that is the case, at least they will provide you with topics that you can search for online and obtain the material that best explains it for you.

Have fun and come prepared for the placement test.

Remember that you need to pass the test with at least 80% overall.

Some Scenarios To Understand the Scoring

 The bottom-line is: you will waive the pre-requisites above 70% ONLY if the average of those sections is 80% or above.


Scenario 1. if your score in the different sections is: 80,70,90,80 and 80, that means all sections are considered for the average and the average is 80, therefore your pre-requisites are waived.
Scenario 2: If you score 80,70,90,80 and 65, then we only consider the first four sections for the average, which is 80. So, you waive all pre-requisites EXCEPT for CS304, which you didn't pass.
Scenario 3: You score 80,65,90,70,65. We only consider your scores from section 1, 3 and 4 for the average. That average is 80, so you waive Math, Programming 1 and 2, but you will have to take CS201 and CS304 even if you only had CS304 as a pre-requisite in your letter of admission.

Scenario 4: You score 80,70,90,70,70. All of the sections will go in the average and that gives a score of 76%. Because this score is less than 80, you have to pick a smaller set of pre-requisites to include in the average. Say we include sections 1,2 and 3 (80,70 and 90). That gives a total of 80% so you waive those pre-requisites, but you will have to take programming II and Data Structures REGARDLESS of your original pre-requisites described in your letter of acceptance.