Art studio
The fundamental objective of the Art Department programs is to provide and promote a knowledge and understanding of the visual arts. The studio program gives students hands on exposure to a variety of skills, both analytic and technical, in order to help students express concepts visually. The art history program introduces students to numerous periods of art, cultural and historical events, visual means of expression and communication, and research methods. The art education program prepares student to teach the visual arts in a K-12 environment, upholding state and national performance standards. All of our programs prepare students to pursue graduate school, careers in the arts, teaching, and lifelong learning.

Career Opportunities in Art

Our faculty supports your pursuit of a professional career in the arts or in teaching. Career opportunities are available in fine arts, art education, graphic design, and museum studies, to name a few. Through our program you can become a photographer, printmaker, museum preparator, gallery assistant, website designer, or educator. Our advisors can provide you with more information to fit your specific needs.


The Department of Art programs are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

How to Become a Major or Minor

To declare a major in one of our three programs, you must contact the Art Department at (773) 442-4910 to discuss your interests, needs and program requirements.

For general Northeastern admission requirements, the Admissions Office helps new and returning students through the application process. In addition, the Transfer Center assists transfer and veteran students with transitioning to our campus.


We have several advisors to assist you with transcripts, audits, transfer credits, course selection, career options, or any questions and concerns you may have. Once you declare your Art major, you will be assigned to one of the following faculty members as your primary contact:

Northeastern’s Academic Advising will help you fulfill general education requirements.


The Art Department offers a Special Skills Scholarship for declared Studio Art and Art History majors at all levels. Applicants are required to submit a complete application along with examples of their work. Please review all information and guidelines before submitting your application.

If you have any questions, please contact Nate Mathews at or (773) 442-4913.

Other Scholarships from the College of Arts and Sciences or the University are also available for students in the Art Department.


Located in the Salme Harju Steinberg Fine Arts Center, our studio spaces accommodate the range of art courses offered at Northeastern: sculpture, printmaking, digital art, photography, painting, metals and small jewelry, drawing, ceramics, and graphic design. All of our facilities are state of the art with the required safety standards in place.

Clubs & Organizations

The Art Club provides the opportunity to develop your portfolio and expand your professional and creative experiences. Juried and prized student shows, visiting artists and group critiques are a few events held for members at each monthly meeting. The Club also arranges visits to historical art sites.

Explore other clubs through the Office of Student Leadership and Development, which houses chartered clubs and organizations to meet the interests of students on campus. Joining a club is one of the many extracurricular things to do while at Northeastern.

Additional Opportunities


Throughout Chicago and the surrounding area, internship opportunities are available at many companies, museums and organizations. We encourage and support each student to seek and apply for positions at museums, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Institute; local galleries and art centers, such as Brickton Art Center and Dubbhe Carreno Gallery; and non-profit organizations, such as the North River Commission and North Branch Project.


Looking to go beyond local opportunities? The Department organizes annual educational trips to areas in Italy, Peru or China. Find out where we’re going next.