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The African and African American Studies program at Northeastern Illinois University is comprised of faculty and instructors from many academic areas throughout higher education. This program not only gives students a solid foundation in African and African American studies, but real world applications and lessons from experience teaching professionals.

Sharon L. Bethea portrait image

Sharon Bethea

Associate Professor, Counselor Education and AFAM Coordinator and Program Advisor
Counselor Education
(773) 442-5545
LWH 4004
Russell Benjamin portrait image

Russell Benjamin

Political Science
(773) 442-4776
LWH 2079
Chielozona Eze portrait image

Chielozona Eze

(773) 442-5807
LWH 2084
Alvin David Farmer Jr. portrait image

Alvin Farmer

(773) 442-5849
BBH 307-H
Courtney L. Francis portrait image

Courtney Francis

Instructor, Undergraduate Clinical Advisor
Social Work
(773) 442-5872
LWH 3067
Alfred Frankowski Ph.D. portrait image

Alfred Frankowski

(773) 442-5796
LWH 3083
Nicole E. Holland portrait image

Nicole Holland

Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies
(773) 442-5543
LWH 4020
Gilo Kwesi C. Logan Ed.D. portrait image

Gilo Kwesi Logan

Justice Studies
(773) 442-4790
LWH 4034
Tracy J. Luedke portrait image

Tracy Luedke

Coordinator, Global Studies Program
(773) 442-5621
BBH 138
Job E. Ngwe PhD portrait image

Job Ngwe

Curriculum Specialist: Research
Social Work
Wamucii Njogu portrait image

Wamucii Njogu

Dean, Sociology and Associate Professor
Office of the Dean Room 158 - Bernard Brommel Hall
Jeanine Ntihirageza Ph.D. portrait image

Jeanine Ntihirageza

Department Chair, Coordinator
(773) 442-5873
Lech Walesa Hall 3062
T.Y. Okosun Ph.D. portrait image

T.Y. Okosun

Department Chair (Interim)
Justice Studies
(773) 442-5453
LWH 4062A
Olivia Perlow portrait image

Olivia Perlow

Women & Gender Studies Coordinator, Associate Professor of Sociology
(773) 442-4773
Northeastern Illinois University
BarBara Scott portrait image

BarBara Scott

Professor Emeritus
(773) 442-4775
Marshall Thompson portrait image

Marshall Thompson

Political Science Chair
Political Science
(773) 442-4269
LWH 2078
Donald M Waddell portrait image

Donald Waddell

Social Work
Durene Wheeler portrait image
Northeastern Illinois University-LWH 2053
Lance Williams portrait image
Jacob H. Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies

African and African American Studies

AFAM Faculty and Staff

T (773) 442-4553

AFAM Faculty and Staff

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