Chem-Wiki Lab Reporting

The CHEM WIKI model aims to enhance collaboration that is time and location independent between groups of students and faculty in order to extend lab interactions beyond the  lab.

Important Notice
Currently the Chem-Wiki site is open only to past and current students. When requesting membership please include your full name, student ID number, and current course.

Chem-Wiki is...

  • A site whose sole intention is the enhancement of knowledge via sustained group contributions.
  • Here, each member has the option to edit and improve page content introducing personal knowledge and experience for everyone to benefit and acknowledge.
  • Anyone can edit almost any page.
  • Changes are recorded in Recent Changes history or page History.
  • Find something that can be improved (content, grammar, formatting) and make it better.
  • Follow Intructor guidelines when appropriate to edit specific pages (such as labwork pages)

CHEM WIKI - Click here to go to NEIU Chem Wikispace


FOR STUDENTS in Organic Chemistry I and II 

Chem Wiki was founded in Spring of 2007, following deliberations done by active members of Chemistry department, under the supervision of Dr. Fraiman.