If a WIP course is not listed here, students are encouraged to contact the Learning Success Center to make an appointment with a writing tutor.

ART 395: Shirley Vargas

BIO 305: Amani Islam

CHEM 213: Elizabeth Jurgerson

CMTC 305: Daphne Watson

CS 319: Duwine Flores

ENGL 210: Hyacinthe Ingram

GS 205/WGS 201: Jennifer Wilson

HIST 300W: Sarah Jackson

HRD 325: Jenny Herrera

JUST 202: Gina Marie Robinson

LLAS 201: Hyacinthe Ingram

NDP 310: Lizzy Hanks (LSC Writing Tutor)

PHIL 311: Preksha Desai

PSYC 202: See information shared by the instructor

SOC 346A: See information shared by the instructor

SWK 303: Alondra Salgado