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Welcome To The Ombuds Office

The Ombuds Office is a confidential, informal, impartial, and independent resource for any member of the Northeastern community with a concern, issue or conflict. The ombuds will listen to your concerns, provide you with information about University policies, help you think through your situation, and assist you in developing options. In addition, the ombuds can help you prepare for a difficult conversation and sometimes informally mediate between you and another employee. The Ombuds, however, does not take sides in a conflict, advocate on your behalf, investigate, or decide who is right or wrong. The Ombuds Office does offer a safe place to talk and explore strategies for moving forward.

The earlier you contact the ombuds, the more options you may have. You can get in touch with the ombuds, however, up to the point you file a complaint outside the University or are represented by an attorney. Meetings with the ombuds are by appointment only and can take place in the Ombuds Office, at any of our campuses, off campus at a nearby location, or by telephone. You can schedule an appointment via email or voice mail but please do not include any confidential information as privacy cannot be ensured.

Off the Record

Communication to the Ombuds Office or the Ombuds does not constitute notice to the University of any legal or administrative claim a visitor may have, since the purpose of the Ombuds Office is to provide a confidential and informal forum where different options may be considered.