Educational Leave Award

Educational Leave Eligibility Criteria

Employees have the right to apply for an educational leave after having completed a period of five years of service at the University Applications for educational leave may be approved for two purposes:

  1. study and research, including related travel and
  2. creative work in the employee’s field of endeavor.

The Board Regulations further require that the leave be “...consistent with the goals of the university or the professional development of the applicant.”

Educational Leave Application Process

Send the original application for an educational leave and fifteen (15) copies to the functional area vice president. Applications from A&P Personnel and Academic Support Professionals will then be forwarded to the A&P Council for review. The A&P Council will review the received A&P applications and send its opinion to the Provost's office.


Employee Excellence Award

An Employee Excellence Award Program has been established, effectively on 02/02/2012, at NEIU to recognize and reward employees who contribute to student success, create problem solving initiatives, produce innovation, bring about improvement in quality outcomes, or enhance the quality and productivity of University operations through exemplary actions and attitudes. Click here for a copy of the policy.


Service Recognition Award

Each year the university community recognizes and celebrates the contribution of Civil Service and Administrative & Professional staff members by their years of service at the Recognition Awards ceremony.

FY 2011 Service Recognition Awards

FY 2012 Service Recognition Awards