Mandatory Ethics Training: Important Updates

All Illinois public university employees are required to complete two annual online Ethics Training programs. The University’s Ethics Training is mandatory for all Northeastern Illinois University employees under Illinois law, as defined in the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (5 ILCS 430) and the Illinois Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act (110 ILCS 155). Please see the detailed information below about the Ethics Training and the Ethics FAQ for technical guidance. This year and moving forward, the State of Illinois has expanded the sexual harassment prevention training to include a general harassment and discrimination prevention training.

The annual Ethics Training Is two Parts: Ethics and Harassment and discrimination Prevention 

The Ethics Training Part I will cover such topics as:

  • accepting gifts
  • conflict of interest
  • inappropriate use of University resources
  • whistleblower protection
  • secondary employment

The Ethics Training Part II will cover topics involving:

  • identifying and preventing discrimination, harassment, and sexual harassment
  • real life workplace examples
  • how to report sexual harassment to the Title IX Office
  • NEIU policies – Sexual Harassment policy and Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination policy

Part II may include content that is triggering to some individuals. Please immediately contact the NEIU Ethics Officer if you do not believe you can safely complete Part II.

Ethics Training period

The Ethics Training period for Northeastern employees this year is from Monday, Nov. 2, 2020, to Monday, Nov. 30, 2020. You will be emailed the 2020 Annual Ethics Training Notice on Nov. 2, 2020, with an explanation of the process. Both Parts I and II must be completed during the four-week training period.

All Employees Must Take Ethics Training

The following categories of individuals at Northeastern are required to complete Part I and Part II of the Ethics Training:

  • Staff
  • Faculty
  • Graduate Assistants
  • Work-Study Students
  • Student Aides 
  • Extra Help

How do i access Training?

Both Parts I and II are accessible to Northeastern’s employees through the Desire2Learn (D2L) learning management system found in NEIUport.

If you have a vision impairment, please contact Ethics Officer Natalie Brouwer Potts at or (773) 442-5412 for assistance completing the Ethics Training.


Please call the NEIU University Technology Services Help Desk.

Telephone support: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please call (773) 442-4357.

Email support: Monitored from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please use

Expected Length of Time to Complete the Ethics Training

Part I (Ethics) generally takes 45-60 minutes. Part II (Harassment and Discrimination Prevention) generally takes 60-75 minutes. Remember that you have four weeks to complete both Ethics Training programs, and you may start and stop them as needed.

computers on campus for completing Ethics Training

We understand that not all employees have access to computers while working remotely. Please contact Ethics Officer Natalie Brouwer Potts at or (773) 442-5412 for information on computer labs or other options for your training.


Unlike past years, individual email reminders will not be sent. We strongly recommend you complete both trainings at your earliest convenience.

Confirmation of Ethics Training Completion

After you have completed Parts I and II, you will be able to print out and/or electronically save a Certificate of Compliance at the end of each program. To access your Certificate, please click on the graduation cap icon, then click "generate certificate" and it will automatically download.


Failure to complete the Ethics Training will result in the statutorily required reporting of your name to the Office of Executive Inspector General for the Agencies of the Illinois Governor. The penalties for noncompliance will be determined by the Illinois Executive Ethics Commission (EEC), in addition to any internal disciplinary action imposed by Northeastern. The EEC has the authority to hold administrative hearings related to employee noncompliance and assess individual fines up to $5,000 for violations of the Ethics Act. In addition, EEC will post the names of employees who fail to complete Part II (Harassment and Discrimination Prevention) on the EEC’s website. See 5 ILCS 430/5-10.5(b).

For more information, please see the Ethics FAQ.

On behalf of Northeastern, thank you for your compliance with the State of Illinois’ Annual Ethics Training requirements.