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Will students enrolled through the Office of Community and Professional Education (CAPE) be able to access online learning tools or be offered refunds for classes? (updated March 20, 2020)

Online noncredit CAPE classes are still ongoing.

Is the College of Business and Management’s BIG Center still hosting workshops and business planning courses? (added April 2, 2020)

Yes. The BIG Center has moved its operations online. Visit the BIG Center site for more information.

Are events taking place at the University by community partners and outside groups canceled? (updated June 10, 2020)

All events at the University—including ones hosted by community partners and outside groups—are canceled until further notice.

Is the Child Care Center closed? (updated July 2, 2020)

The Child Care Center is open and adhering the strict guidelines of federal, state and local health and child safety authorities. Questions may be directed to (773) 442-4540.