The Studio/Performance Working Group (SPWG) is a working group of the Provost’s Fall Transition Steering Committee’s Lab/Studio Team. This working group supports the development of proposals related to studio and performance research and creative activities.

Approval process and documents

Department chairs and coordinators should work with the faculty in their areas and direct any questions to the co-chairs of the SPWG working group.

Read, understand and abide by

Complete and submit

Final review by the SPWG is required for submission of proposals to the COVID-19 Task Force, which meets on Tuesdays to review requests. The Task Force will share its proposal decisions with the submitter and copy the SPWG co-chairs on its communication.


  • Kim Ambriz, co-Chair (Art)
  • Bob Heitzinger, co-Chair (Music and Dance)
  • Rick Matus (Facilities Management, Environmental Health and Safety)
  • Cyndi Moran (Media)
  • Adam Goldstein (Theatre)
  • Nate Matthews (Art)
  • Kay Kim (Music)
  • Christopher Owen (Music)
  • Rachel Burton (Dance)