The Science Safety Committee (SSC) is a working group of the Provost’s Fall Transition Steering Committee’s Lab/Studio Team. This working group supports the development of STEM RCA-RTC proposals.

Approval process and documents

Department chairs and coordinators should work with the faculty in their areas and direct any questions to the Chair of the SSC. 

Read, understand and abide by

Complete and submit

  • Daily self-monitoring web form
  • Safety Hazard Assessment, with COVID-19 addendum (specific for individual PI(s))
  • Consent/Acknowledgement form
  • Coordinated scheduling
  • COVID-19 Task Force special request form and approval acknowledgement

SAMPLE approval documents developed by the Department of Biology can be found at the following links: departmental training; departmental guidelines; daily self-monitoring web form; Safety Hazard Assessment; coordinated scheduling

Final review by the SSC is required for submission of proposals to the COVID-19 Task Force, which reviews requests on Tuesdays. The Task Force will share its proposal decisions with the submitter and copy the SSC chair on its communication.


  • Kip Conwell, Chair (Biology)
  • Rick Matus (Facilities Management, Environmental Health and Safety)
  • Rebekah Fitchett (Earth Science and Environmental Science)
  • John Papiewski (Physics)
  • Niroshi Meegoda (Chemistry)
  • Shannon Saszik (Psychology)
  • Orin Harris (Physics)