The Instructional Lab/Studio/Experiential Learning (ILSE) Working Group is a working group of the Provost’s Fall Transition Steering Committee’s Lab/Studio Team. This working group helps develop plans to support a limited number of face-to-face classes and activities that need to be conducted in specific spaces. It also is developing information to support the remote delivery of instruction that normally needs to be conducted in specific spaces. Programs will work with members of this working group to determine the appropriate balance between these phased-in face-to-face activities and those activities that should continue to be done remotely. Department chairs and coordinators should work with the faculty in their areas and direct any questions to the co-chairs of the ILSE working group.

Approval process and guidance documents for classes that need to meet in a hybrid/F2F format

Department chairs and coordinators with hybrid/F2F classes on the schedule should use the ILSE guidance documents and submit for review the ILSE questionnaire via the Google Drive ILSE folder created for their program. 

Approval process and guidance documents for faculty that need to be on campus for instructional preparation for remote/online classes 

Faculty should work with their department chairs and submit a Request Form to Return to Campus for Instructional Preparation for review and final approval to the ILSE chairs. 



Final review by the ILSE is required for submission of proposals to the COVID-19 Task Force. The ILSE Working Group will review all forms submitted and coordinate with the COVID-19 task force and area deans.


  • Sudha Srinivas, co-Chair (Acting Associate Dean, CAS)
  • Shayne Cofer, co-Chair (Associate Provost, Academic Affairs)
  • Nadja Insel (Earth Science)
  • Shannon Saszik (Psychology)
  • Sandra Beyda-Lorie (Center for Teaching and Learning)
  • Liz Rodriguez (Center for Teaching and Learning)
  • Katy Smith (Educational Enquiry and Curriculum Studies)
  • Lisa Wallis (Associate Dean, Libraries)
  • Myung-Ho Yoon (Acting Associate Dean, COBM)