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Graduation Rates

In compliance with the reporting requirements of the federal Student Right to Know act (Public Law 101-542), the six-year graduation rate for first-time full-time freshmen entering Northeastern Illinois University in fall 2011 is 23 percent.

Access historical trends on graduate rates.

Student Retention Rates

The first year to second year retention rate for first-time full-time freshmen entering Northeastern in fall 2016 was 46.4 percent.

Access historical trends on student retention rates.


Northeastern records Fall to Fall retention rates by academic program. Rates are calculated as the percent of students  who are retained at the University or graduate.

See annual retention reports below :

Program Retention Report  2012-13
Program Retention Report  2013-14
Program Retention Report  2014-15
Program Retention Report  2015-16
Program Retention Report  2016-17  




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Meet Our Staff

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