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Jon Gronli

Creative Writing Class Leads to Video Game Development

Sean Katamay, English alumnus, and Jon Gronli, English graduate student, are on two different paths with their academic career, but they discovered common ground when it comes to their shared passions for creative writing and gaming. The two met in a creative writing class at Northeastern. Katamay asked Gronli to join his game development team after losing two team members. “I love designing games and have since I was eight years old. I also had a fantasy setting I wanted to creatively develop,” said Katamay. “This felt like a good opportunity to do both.”
Students in the commons

Build Relationships and Foster Leadership Skills

Northeastern Illinois University is a welcoming school that embraces diversity and a nontraditional atmosphere. You become a member of a community at Northeastern. With more than 90 clubs and organizations, students can find their niche by participating in intramural sports or joining an organization in line with their field of study. Students who get involved in activities build relationships, foster leadership skills and give back to the community.


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