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Luis Ortiz teaching a class at El Centro

From the field to the classroom

When Luis Ortiz graduated from Northeastern Illinois University, one of his first calls to the field took him back to his family’s roots in Puerto Rico. In the wake of a hurricane that battered the island where his parents grew up, Ortiz departed his American Red Cross office in downtown Chicago and set up shop in a room above a beauty parlor in San Juan that served as the Red Cross response headquarters. Ortiz spent the summer assessing the damage, providing services and assuring safe housing, food and furnishings for displaced residents.
From left: Alicia Mendoza, Mario Kochanski and Samantha Sandowski

A student leader with determination and vision

In the advertising world, no television ad is as prestigious as a Super Bowl commercial. Northeastern Illinois University student Alicia Mendoza is passionate about having a hand in creating such an ad—and you’d be wise not to bet against her. “I would love to work on a Super Bowl commercial at some point in my career,” she said. “In the advertising and marketing world, that is one of the most important projects you can be asked to work on, and I love the creative work that goes into preparing for such an important event.”
Student at work in the Student Center of Science Engagement

The science engagement theory

2011 A.D.: Northeastern Illinois University freshman subject Mariah Green discovers the Student Center for Science Engagement (SCSE). Months later, subject joins her new SCSE friends and mentors in San Jose, Calif., for the national conference of the Society for Advancement of Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS). "I was overwhelmed," subject later notes, "but in a good way." 2012 A.D.: Green attends the SACNAS conference in Seattle to deliver her first poster presentation. Judges express their support. Subject gains confidence.


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