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Student at work in the Student Center of Science Engagement

The science engagement theory

2011 A.D.: Northeastern Illinois University freshman subject Mariah Green discovers the Student Center for Science Engagement (SCSE). Months later, subject joins her new SCSE friends and mentors in San Jose, Calif., for the national conference of the Society for Advancement of Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS). "I was overwhelmed," subject later notes, "but in a good way." 2012 A.D.: Green attends the SACNAS conference in Seattle to deliver her first poster presentation. Judges express their support. Subject gains confidence.
Members of Northeastern's Green Fee Committee

Northeastern is turning every day into Earth Day

Being green, a famous frog tells us, is not easy. Eight years ago, Northeastern Illinois University students lobbied to get funding for sustainability efforts. More recently, the faculty worked hard to win support for a new Environmental Sciences degree that will start this fall. And the Facilities Management staff has been tireless in its endeavor to retrofit buildings for energy efficiency. Whether it’s in small or large ways, elevating the green consciousness at Northeastern can be a challenge but continues to be a priority.
Biology student Charles D’Lavoy filing moss samples at the Field Museum of Natural History

Leave No Stone Unturned

Field Museum intern and Northeastern biology student Charles D’Lavoy was able to experience first hand how botanical research can affect a community. D’Lavoy, who spent the summer researching moss at the Field Museum, was selected by museum researchers to assist in the investigation of the Katherine “Baby Kate” Phillips disappearance in Ludington, Michigan. The infant disappeared June 29, 2011, and law enforcement officers have been searching for answers ever since.
Ana Pavichevich

Northeastern Teams Up with Amundsen to Build High School of Choice

Following a charge from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to improve the city’s neighborhood public schools, Northeastern Illinois University quickly became a resource for nearby Amundsen High School. As the new principal of Amundsen, Ana Pavichevich brainstormed ideas to help turn her school around. She quickly recalled the quality faculty and graduates of Northeastern’s College of Education and approached the University for assistance.


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