This list of questions was last reviewed on July 1, 2020. Zero questions were added or updated.

Is The Nest open? (updated May 6)

Yes, The Nest remains open, with restricted guest policies.

Is The Nest part of Northeastern's deep clean and sanitization efforts? (updated May 6)

The Nest staff has been diligent in cleaning all of the common areas. Residents are responsible for cleaning their own units.

How does the University communicate to Nest residents? (updated May 6)

This is done through general University messaging, and specific follow-ups are sent directly to residents if needed.

Is Northeastern offering tours and other recruitment events at The Nest? (added March 12)

All Nest tours and recruitment events have been suspended until further notice to protect the residents.

Will Nest housing still be available for conference attendees? (added March 12)

All University conferences have been canceled until further notice. Therefore, there will be no conference housing in The Nest until further notice.