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All undergraduate students must successfully complete a writing intensive (WIP) course of at least 3 credit hours within their discipline. This requirement cannot be fulfilled with transfer credit. Students should check with an academic advisor or the Center for Academic Writing to determine which WIP course(s) may fulfill this requirement for their major. (NEIU 2012-2013 Academic Catalog, p. 45)

Writing Intensive Graduation Requirement

NEIU Center for Academic Writing

Funded by a U.S. Department of Education Title V Grant

Click here to see the list of official and pilot Writing Intensive (WIP) Courses.

Writing Intensive (WIP) Courses

Some departments are currently piloting courses that may fulfill the graduation requirement but are not yet official WIP courses.

Pilot and official WIP status are tied to the semesters in which that status is granted. In other words, a course is a WIP pilot or has official WIP status depending on the semester in which it is offered. Please see the list below.

Please contact your advisor for information about which course(s) fulfill the WIP requirement for your major.

Speak with your advisor to determine if a course you have completed fulfills your WIP graduation requirement.

Writing Intensive (WIP) Courses

What is the Center for Academic Writing? Click here for more information about the Center and the services it provides.


Center for Academic Writing

What is the Center for Academic Writing?

The Center for Academic Writing (CAW) is funded by a U.S. Department of Education Title V grant that was awarded to NEIU in September 2007. CAW is the home of the Writing Intensive Program (WIP) and provides support to departments, faculty, and instructors who are developing and teaching WIP courses and provides peer tutoring to students enrolled in WIP courses that have peer tutors attached to them.


How is the Center for Academic Writing different from the Learning Support Center?

CAW supports the teaching and learning in Writing Intensive (WIP) courses. The writing tutors in the Learning Support Center provide writing support for students across the university. Please contact the Learning Support Center (Library 4th floor or 773-442-4568) for more information about their services.


How is a Writing Intensive course different from other courses?

NEIU Writing Intensive (WIP) courses must meet the NEIU Writing Intensive Guidelines which call for a variety of writing assignments and activities to be assigned in a course. Students will receive active instruction in the writing of that discipline and at least fifty percent of the course grade will be determined through graded writing assignments. See the NEIU Writing Intensive Guidelines for more information.

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Center for Academic Writing

Click here for information about the WIP peer tutors and how to prepare for WIP peer tutoring sessions.

Information about WIP Peer Tutoring