Spring 2004
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Description. This course focuses on human development across the life span. We will study the physical, cognitive and psychosocial changes that occur from birth until death. You will have an opportunity to examine and evaluate current research and theories used to describe and explain human growth and change.

Text.   Kail, R. and Cavanaugh, J.  (2004)  Human Development:  A life span view.  3rd ed., Toronto, Canada: Thomson-Wadsworth.   The textbook is required.  It is unlikely that you will be able to pass this course if you choose not to read the text and attend class.

Exams.   Four exams will be given during the semester. Check the course calendar for scheduled exams and material covered.  The fourth exam will be given according to the university final exam schedule.  Bring a #2 pencil to the exam.

Jan 27 – Exam #1  Ch. 1
Feb. 26 – Exam #2  Ch. 2 – 6
April 13 – Exam #3  Ch. 7 – 12
May 4 at 2 pm  - Exam #4 Ch. 13-16

If you are late more than 10 minutes late, you missed the exam!
There are no make-up exams!

Final Exam.   There is no final exam, only the last noncumulative exam.  See schedule above.

Attendance.   Your attendance and participation is expected. If you choose to miss class it is your responsibility to acquire the materials covered during that time. You may not participate in any extra credit assignments that occur during your absence. "I missed class" is not a legitimate reason for a late assignment and will not be accepted.

Grade Option.   On the first day of class, you will select the type of evaluation used to determine your knowledge of life span development.  The type of evaluation (or work) you select will have a direct effect on how your course grade is calculated.  A description of the two options available to you follows this paragraph.  Read each option carefully before you make your selection.  Be sure to ask for clarification if you have difficulty understanding these options.
Grade Option One (highest possible grade is C)

If you select this option, you will be required to attend lecture, read the text and take all four exams (approximately 205 points).  There are no papers or additional readings required with this option.  Extra credit activities are not available to you if you select Option One.  You can earn no higher than a C under this option.  Your course grade will reflect your performance on the exams only and will be calculated using the following scale:

C = 75% - 100%
D = 65% -  74%
F =   0%  -  64%

Grade Option Two (highest possible grade is A)
If you select this option, you will be required to attend lecture, read the text and  take all four exams (approximately 205 points).  There are two short projects (100 points) required with this option.  Extra credit activities are available to you if you select Option Two.  Your course grade will reflect your performance on the exams, papers and extra credit and will be calculated using the following scale:
A = 85% - 100%
B = 84% -  75%
C = 74 %  - 60%
D = 59 %  - 51%
F =   0 %  - 50%

Circle the Grade Option you have chosen:

Option One (Exams Only)               Option Two (Exams & Projects)

Changing Options:  The last day to change your grade option is February 19.  By this date, you will know the results of your first exam and the first paper for Option Two is due on February 19.  To change your grade option, send an email to me (T-Schuepfer@neiu.edu) by February 19 or print a copy of the grade option form from the website and give it to me during class.  Students who have selected Option Two but do not complete both projects will have their course grade calculated according to Option One.

Projects (Option Two Only). There are two projects. A complete description of each is provided on the course website (See "Life Span on the Internet"). The first project (50 points) is due on February 19 and the second project (50 points) is due on April 22.  Projects must be typed. I will read rough drafts until one week before the due date.

Late projects. You will lose five points each day the project is late (weekend and nonclass days count). Late papers will be accepted without a late penalty only if you have made prior arrangements with me at least one week before the due date. A request for additional time must be in writing. It is in your best interest to turn in an assignment even if it is late.

Extra Credit (Option Two only) . You will have two types of activities (i.e., in-class activities and research participation) to earn extra credit for this class.

13  Almost Perfect Person & Intro 
15   Dev. Assumptions - Theories
20    Dev. Research      
22    Dev. Research & Prenatal

January 27 – Exam #1 Ch. 1 

27   Prenatal       
29 Prenatal & Neonatal Dev

3  Neonatal Dev. 
5   Attachment
10  Attachment –Language
12  Lincoln’s Birthday – no class
17  Cognitive Dev 
19 Cognitive Dev

February 19  Project 1 due

24 Psychometric –Intelligence          

February 26 – Exam #2  Ch. 2 – 6

26   Parenting

2  Parenting


4 Adol – Physical Dev & puberty 
9 Adol - Cognitive Development
11  Moral Reasoning
16 Identity
18 Identity & Sexuality

March 19 – Last Day to Drop

23 - 25  Spring Break – no class
30 Sexuality 

1     Physical Dev - Young Adult 
6    Physical & Cognitive  
8   Love & Intimate Relationships      

April 13 Exam #3   Ch. 7-12

15 Physical Dev. - Mid & Late Adult
20 Physical Dev. - Mid & Late Adult
22 Cogni. Dev. – Mid & LateAdult

April 22   Project 2 due

27   Transitions & Aging 
29    Death, Dying and Bereavement 


Scheduled Exams 
Jan 27 – Exam #1  Ch. 1 
Feb. 26 – Exam #2  Ch. 2 – 6
April 13 – Exam #3  Ch. 7 – 12
May 4 at 2 pm  - Exam #4 Ch. 13-16 
Projects (Option 2 only)

Project 1 :  February 19
Project 2:   April 22


Website. All course materials are located on the course website. The website is located at:

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I check my email twice a day and will respond to your message within a day. If you forget the email address, there is an email link is available on the website. All you have to do is click on the email button, type in your message and click on the Send button and you have sent me a message.

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Study Session. There will be on-line study sessions before each of the quizzes. Students may post questions or just view the study session as it unfolds. You do not have to post a question to be part of the study session. The time and date of each study session will be announced in class and posted on the course website. Study sessions will be at:


Having a problem? See me immediately!
Don't wait until the day a quiz or a project is due.