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As many of you have hopefully seen, we recently put a link on the existing NEIU home page ( to the evolving new web site. That link can be found towards the bottom of the existing page. The new site will have quite a bit of new functionality, including an NEIU-specific Google search engine. This search engine is accessible via the search box at the top of the new web site. It indexes all the current content (including the existing web sites) and allows a way to quickly find web-based information.


The intent of this project is to modernize the web presence for NEIU and to provide a means for owning departments and areas to directly update their content. In that vein, the new web site is built in a content management system (CMS) called Collage. A CMS allows a community of web-site contributors to create and update their content, thereby helping to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date.

We are currently at the stage where we are populating content into the new structure. Some content can be migrated directly from the old web site, but most needs to be reviewed and owned by the area responsible for that information. The focus is on creating and populating content in the areas that are key to the navigation of the site, with the remaining content at lower levels to be added over time. The reason for this approach is so that the primary content needed by site visitors—students, faculty, staff, and others—is relatively complete before switching over to the new site.


After we get a critical mass of content to support that navigational structure (in a couple of months), we will switch over to the new site. At that point, we will still have some content that is in the old form, but will work on it over time to incorporate sections as needed into the same look and feel. To support that timeline, we will help to get the initial content into the content management system. We will then help departmental contributors learn to modify their own content. Such a process will allow us to move rapidly as well as not require every content contributor to know everything about the CMS.


Currently, we are inviting those with content to begin working with us to include their content in the new site in preparation for old NEIU web site with the new one. We need and look forward to your comments and your help in populating and revising the content. If you have not already done so, please visit our site-in-construction. Go to the NEIU homepage and click on “Watch us grow our new site” near the bottom of the page. Send comments and questions to