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Winter 2006


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Visions of the Future


University Information Systems Project


Blackboard Goes Enterprise


Killin’ That Spam


Website Redesign Update


News Bytes from the Wilds of Technyland


Assess Yourself


Announcing SurveyGold


Good Computing Habits


Kim’s Column—Just What Is UCS?


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Visions of the Future


Is it just me, or does time seem to be going a little faster these days? Maybe it’s the end of the year or…could it be the technological growth that has all of us scrambling to keep up?


Change is on it’s way, right here on campus, and we all need to pitch in and...learn something new, share what we’ve learned, and be willing to adapt and grow with the changes. Our web site is in the process of renovation, our information system will soon begin a major transformation, and we are moving—quickly!—to a bigger, better version of our course management system.


If that’s not enough, ...we bring you news of new spam protection, new survey-making software, and a couple well worn tips for avoiding computer problems as the tools and processes we use everyday continue to change. Also, Kim Tracy’s column refreshes your memory about the support staff here to help us all survive that thing we call progress.