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Winter 2006


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Kimís ColumnóJust What Is UCS?


Editor-in-Chief: Kim Tracy, Executive Director of University Computing


Managing Editor: Anna Brown, Computer Literacy Training Coordinator


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Tony Pina, Center for Teaching and Learning, for the update on Blackboard.


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As the new Executive Director of University Computing, one of my main drivers is to make ensure that UCS is using the resources we have to provide the best possible service to NEIU. In that vein, I believe it is critical to link the planning of IT services with the needs and directions of NEIU. Part of that is really understanding the problems, directions, and issues that face NEIU and how IT may be able to help. Once an area is identified where IT can help, UCS is obligated to investigate what technologies are appropriate and how they might be used to address NEIUís need. That not only applies for current issues, but involves predicting the problems, directions, and issues that NEIU will face and then identifying and investigating technologies that may help.


So how can this be done? Well, it involves tightly integrating the planning processes of UCS with those of the rest of the University. In my first few months, I have spent a considerable amount of time meeting with folks from every part of NEIU to start to understand these issues and strategies. It also involves structuring UCS itself so that we can prioritize and respond to these needs with the limited resources of UCS. Key to this process redesign is to ensure that we continue to provide good day-to-day service.


I am very pleased to be here at NEIU and would very much like to hear any feedback you may have on our current services or ideas on how we may improve. Please feel free to contact me directly at