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Q. I love WordPerfect. We were all told we had to learn it and we did. Now we are told we have to quit WordPerfect and learn Word. Why the change?

A. Learning a new software application is most annoying when you are already functioning on (and happy with) a similar program. However, a few years back, NEIU technology needs advanced to the point where we needed to have a more standardized, and cost-effective package. Yes, you guessed it, that meant Microsoft. Much as some enjoy slamming the company, you can't beat it for providing an integrated computing system. We challenge you to learn more about how the various parts of the package--the Windows operating system, plus Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access--work together. The Word for Collaboration workshop given by the Client Service Center is a good place to start. You may be in for a pleasant surprise.

Q. When the heck will we catch up with other schools and organizations and provide web email access and shared calendars?

A. You will perhaps not be surprised to hear that the ITPC members want those services as much as you do! In fact, there are two projects Networking and Distributed Services have been working hard on that would provide just that. First, a newly implemented web mail service, at http://webmail.neiu.edu, provides a no-frills way to check and send email from a NEIU account using a web browser. Just go to the web address to get to the login page, and then enter your email login and password.

Second, a project-in-progress utilizing a new Microsoft Exchange server and the Outlook email & office management application will provide web access to email accounts for faculty and staff, plus a whole lot more. This more advanced project needs to be thoroughly tested and approved, so it may take a little longer to get it in place, but it will provide many more services as well, including access to your saved email messages and folders, the ability to easily send automated out-of-the-office responses, and a number of calendar-sharing options.

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