Text Box: Of all the unsung heroes across the university, none are perhaps as brave as the staff members who provide technical support at the off-site campuses: Chicago Teacher’s Center (CTC), El Centro, and the Center for Inner City Studies (CICS).  This article features the technicians who manage the technology concerns of the Centers, handling everything from hardware repair and software installation to the training and support of faculty, staff, and students. They also manage the computer labs and coordinate with main campus staff on networking and related issues. And, speaking of communication, they have the extra task of staying informed about the goings on at the main campus without the benefit of being there. You’ve got to appreciate that.
Steve Cattouse has been with the CICS since the summer of 1999. In addition to the all encompassing list of tech duties, his responsibilities include serving as a resource person to both faculty and students. Steve most enjoys seeing the educational growth of students as he works with them. His colleague, Gimbu Kali, says, “I can always rely on Steve to get me out of jams and help me with problems. He gets an A+.”
At El Centro, Fausto Ortiz keeps it simple and to the point: his job responsibilities include “all computer related issues.” A member of the El Centro community since 2001, Fausto most enjoys working with his co-workers. He, like Steve, has a positive and helpful attitude, and is ready to find the answer to any question that arises. Daniel Lopez, director of El Centro, says, “Fausto is patient, reliable, and goes out of his way to help.”
Andy David began full-time at the CTC in 1990, and has been joined more recently by Syed Rizvi and Ray Holloway. Andy says that he and his colleagues have opportunities to “go beyond being just techs,” advising on grants and helping prepare presentations. Some of their special challenges include support of the Teachers Resource Center and a conference center, the high number of shared computers in the staff offices, and the occasional need to take equipment off-site to public schools. As Andy puts it, “It’s not a static environment.”

Tech Staff at “the Centers”

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