Text Box: When a new faculty or staff member joins a department, that new employee may need access to one or more of the following:

The Department’s Network Drives (P or maybe R): These are shared drives which can be used for backing up files or providing access to multiple users.
Networked printer(s): Printers that are shared by a number of people or workstations.
Student Information System (CARS): 
The student records database, commonly used by faculty advisors as well as various staff members throughout the academic departments. (See last paragraph for additional information on accessing this system.)
Human Resource/Payroll System (ADP): Used by staff who are directly responsible for the data entry of human resource and/or payroll related data.

Financial/Budget/Accounting System (SCT): Those who need access to these records are typically fiscal agents, supervisors and department heads who are responsible for departmental budgetary and expenditure control.

To request access to any of the systems or services listed above, submit a Net Account Form to University Computing Services.  The form can be found at the web link:  http://www.neiu.edu/~helpdesk/forms.html.  Scroll down and click on the ‘Net Account Form’ link to obtain a .pdf version of the document which can then be printed and filled out.  

The form is separated into two sections.  The top section enables the department to identify the systems/services to which the employee requires access.  The bottom section identifies the guidelines that the university requires all faculty, staff and students to comply with when accessing the university’s administrative information systems or networking infrastructure.  

The Net Account Form must be signed by the new employee and by the employee’s department head.  Both signatures are required.  The signatures are used to ensure that the new employee and the department head understand the responsibilities associated with access to the University’s computing infrastructure.

The Net Account Form should then be sent to the Help Desk office, CLS-0004.  This is the central point from which the form will be disseminated.  There are several different areas within University Computing Services that participate in enabling a new user’s account(s).  Sending the form to the Networking Services department ensures that all appropriate University Computing departments will be informed. You will be contacted by the appropriate department when your new access is set up. 

Special Note: Student Information System (CARS)
If you are requesting access to the Student Information Systems (CARS), Enrollment Services also requires that a memo from the employee’s department head be sent to Lynn Walsh in Enrollment Services. The memo needs to identify exactly what type of functions or access the employee will need within the Student Information System.  Lynn Walsh is the chief security officer for the Student Information System and must approve all user access before Administrative Information Systems will create the account.

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