Text Box: Whenever you want to print the image displayed on your monitor, press the PrintScreen key. Then open a blank Word document and click Paste. The screen image will appear as a picture object in the document; you can save the document and/or print it. The same process using ALT + PrintScreen will produce an image of the current window only.

 CTRL + W will close the current window. Doesn’t work on dialog boxes though.

 Pressing ESC is the same as clicking the Cancel button in a dialog box.

 Hold down the Windows key and depress D to clear the desktop. This minimizes (rather than closes) all open windows. Repeat to reopen all of them if needed.
 The TAB key moves the focus of the computer from one button or object to the next in a dialog box or Internet browser window. SHIFT + TAB reverses the tabbing direction.

 ALT + TAB: Allows you to switch from one open window to another. Try it!

 Explore the F keys (or Function keys). In Word, F1 = Help; F5 = Go To; F7 = Spell Check; and F12 opens the Save As window. In Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer, F5 refreshes the screen (brings up the most current information).

 F10 puts you into Menu Mode. The focus goes to the menu bar, and the arrow keys move you through the menus to select the command you want. To access a toolbar in Menu Mode, press CTRL + TAB. Repeat CTRL + TAB to move from one toolbar to the next, and TAB to move from one button to the next. ESC gets you out of Menu Mode.

 In Word, when working with an indented list (bulleted or numbered), if you want to start a new line without getting the next number or bullet, hold down the SHIFT key and then press ENTER.

 To select a section of text in Word without grabbing the mouse, move the cursor to the beginning of the text to be selected. Hold down the shift key and use the arrow keys to move down and across until you’ve reached the end. This trick is especially helpful when you need to select a section of text that is too big to be shown on the screen all at once.

Questions can be directed to AF-Brown@neiu.edu. More keyboarding tricks can be learned at the Keyboarding Skills workshop (contact trainme@ neiu.edu for more info).

Miscellaneous Keyboard Tricks

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