Text Box: Networking and Distributed Services is working on a number of projects of interest to the NEIU community. First off is the new Webmail service. As most of you already know, the University's email system was upgraded over the holiday break. The most important change was the installation of a new version of our Webmail service, geared toward better serving the needs of the University community. 
Students are the primary users of Webmail, which allows access to NEIU email accounts through a web browser anywhere (on- or off-campus) that has Internet access. Some faculty and staff are also making use of the service for tasks like checking email off-campus and sending auto-reply messages (AKA vacation messages). Email can also be forwarded between the NEIU account and other user accounts. Student Client Support provides handouts and training for all students. Faculty and staff who would like to learn more about Webmail are invited to attend one of the one-hour Webmail workshops offered by the Client Service Center (contact trainme @neiu.edu for more info).
We have all received emails about installing updates to the Windows operating system on all campus PCs. The critical updates provided via the Internet by Microsoft are vital to keeping our computers safe from viruses and other troubles. However, it’s a lot to ask that all staff and faculty constantly check for new updates. For this reason, NDS has initiated a project to simplify these necessary updates. Help Desk staff are currently installing a new product called ZENworks on all new machines. ZENworks enables NDS staff to install operating system updates through the network, providing greater security across campus while saving individual users from additional tasks. NDS plans to make use of ZENworks across campus by the end of the spring semester.
And finally, NEIU is going wireless! NDS has already set up a few wireless access points in the B Building. They are currently available for use by anyone with a wireless-enabled laptop, PDA, or other device. Future plans are to provide a higher security level as well as to broaden the wireless area on campus.

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