What Version of Windows and Office Do You Use?

Fall 2005


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What Version of Windows and Office Do You Use?


Kimís Column


Editor-in-Chief: Kim Tracy, Executive Director of University Computing


Managing Editor: Anna Brown, Computer Literacy Training Coordinator


Please send all comments, questions, and cajoling to trainme@neiu.edu.

Once weíre closer to the impossible dream of computing standards, support and training will be able to do more with less. We will all benefit from a little bit more consistency and a little less confusion. (But long live variety!)

Meanwhile, the question arises: Which version of Windows and the Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Access) do you have on your campus computer? Is it the same as in the labs? At home? In the room where you have to show your PowerPoint slides during a class or presentation?


For those who would like to know what they are using, itís pretty simple to find out. Letís start with Windows (your operating system). On a PC, you can right click the My Computer icon on the desktop (the screen that displays after logon), and choose Properties. The Windows version and other information about the computer will be displayed on the General tab. (No My Computer icon? Try going to the Start menu and right clicking My Computer from there.) Click OK when finished.


To find the version of any of the Office Suite programs, open the program and go to the Help menu. At the bottom of it, you will find an option starting with About (e.g.: About Microsoft Office Word). Chose that option, and a little window will appear displaying the version number at the top. Click OK when finished.


Now donít you feel just a little bit less confused?