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Fall 2005


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Editor-in-Chief: Kim Tracy, Executive Director of University Computing


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Currently, we are deploying the Outlook e-mail client using the Microsoft Exchange server to all staff and faculty. We have recently sped up this deployment as many of the features inherent in Exchange are most effective when most users are using it. Namely, the ability to share calendars and the ability to have access to NEIU e-mail addresses are two features that will be available when you move to Outlook using the Exchange server.


Many folks are already using Outlook, but are not necessarily using Outlook with the Exchange server. Others are using e-mail clients such as Eudora, Thunderbird, Netscape Messenger, and others. When migrated to Outlook using Exchange, you will either be able to access your e-mail directly via Outlook while on campus or using Outlook Web Access through a WWW browser from an Internet connection outside the NEIU network (connecting to


Additionally, the intent of this project is to get as many people as possible on a standard e-mail platform to prepare for a smoother deployment of our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner) university information systems replacement. So, while we are migrating your e-mail, we will also be upgrading your system to Windows XP and further updating your applications as appropriate. Part of the process is to migrate as much of your e-mail from your current e-mail system as possible so that your saved e-mails will still be accessible from Outlook.


To speed up the deployment, we have added a number of temporary staff who will be performing these upgrades. We are planning to deploy Outlook using Exchange on a department by department basis, so that the department will then be able to use the shared calendaring on a departmental basis. Additionally, you may be interested in taking one of the courses offered by our Client Service Center to learn more about using the Outlook client or a course about the addition features that will be available when using Outlook with the Exchange e-mail server.


We would very much like to hear how this process is working and will quickly respond to any problems that occur during this migration.