Why Change to Exchange?

Fall 2005


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Editor-in-Chief: Kim Tracy, Executive Director of University Computing


Managing Editor: Anna Brown, Computer Literacy Training Coordinator


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Sure, sure, standardizing our email access makes supporting the community a heck of a lot easier for the University Computing staff. But in addition, we think you will agree that Exchange Outlook is a great choice for the rest of us, too. Here’s why…


Web Access

Let’s save the best for first: won’t it be wonderful when we can see all of our Outlook information from anywhere we have Internet access? No more using a separate program when we have to check mail off-campus, occasionally losing track of some messages in the process. No more waiting until we get back to our offices to check our calendars. Access to all folders and information whenever we need. Gee, what a good idea.


AutoReply Messages

How long have you been waiting to use automatic reply messages, AKA vacation messages? Though we recommend using them with prudence (listserv members especially), we know you want them. WebMail let’s you send them, but again, why go to a separate program for part of your work? Let’s have all the functionality in one place.


Shared Calendars, Folders, & More

Not everyone will need to use the calendar feature of Outlook, but for those of us who do, Exchange gives us the ability to do so much more! Finally, you can share your calendar – in a variety of ways – with others in your department. Email folders and other information can be shared just as easily, allowing others to simply view or alternately, to add and edit information as well. Meeting scheduling will be much easier and quicker once we are all on the same program.


Expiring or Recalling Messages

There are additional tricks up Exchange Outlook’s sleeve as well. How about putting a date on event announcements, prompting Outlook to delete the message once the event has past? No more coming back from summer break to an Inbox full of outdated information! Or what about sending a message and forgetting the attachment…ever happen to you? With Exchange, you can recall messages from the recipient’s mailbox to correct and resend. Take the time to learn about Exchange Outlook and you’re sure to find some tools that will make your life a little easier.