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Opportunities to Learn

AKA "trainme": The Client Service Center

Ronald Williams Library
Focus On: The Multimedia Learning Resource Center (MLRC)

Administrative Information Systems Training

Center for Teaching & Learning: Fall Update

Faculty and Staff Training Room Usage

Frequently Asked Questions on Secure Computing

Learning Resources from Other Sources

And finally, here are a few resources you can use for your own independent research:

  • Kim Komando
    Kim has her own website and radio show. She's on the chatty side, but covers all the essential info geared toward the home user but useful for all. Good resource for beginners especially. Register for her weekly email newsletter at

  • James Coates
    You mean to say you don't already grab the Chicago Tribune business section every Monday and Saturday? Jim's column covers lots of user questions, from the basic to the obscure (and he's no Microsoft fan!) But be cautious; even Jim the Wise can make a mistake now and again.

    And speaking of the giant in our midst, have you ever visited the MS website? It's big for sure, but has very helpful items if you take the time to learn your way around. You can find extra templates and clip art, tutorials and quizzes, and lots more. The best feature has to be the ability to search for a solution using an error message number, or simply words describing the problem.

    Let's not forget this prolific source for up-to-date articles and columns. Sign up for one or a few of their weekly email newsletters;
    Steve Bass's Home Office can be fun.

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