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This fall semester starts the third full academic year for the University's Center for Teaching and Learning, and the third fall term using the Blackboard Learning System to enhance classroom instruction. The summer migration to Blackboard version 6 has been completed successfully with a minimum of reported disruption to users. The new version has proven to have some worthwhile enhancements. Center trainers are running workshops to support the new features.
We are offering a series of our Blackboard workshops that, if taken sequentially, will give the participant an overview of a given topic. A more in depth session on that subject will be given the following week. We anticipate that this approach will appeal to our busy faculty in that it presents the information in a way that makes the best use of their time without sacrificing the quality of the content. Faculty who wish to participate can sign up for these sessions at by clicking on the workshop title and filling out the online form. Space is limited so let us know if you're interested. We hope to see you there.
We have some staffing changes to announce this fall as well. As many of you know, Jim Lucas has returned to his first love, teaching music. Early reports indicate that, in spite of a daunting work load, he is enjoying making music and teaching again. Jim's new phone number is ext. 5911. Our secretary, Jan Gunn has taken a job with Marketing and Communications and seems to be thriving though she does miss being on the main campus. Jan's new phone number is ext. 4210. We wish our colleagues the best of luck.
On July 1, 2003, Angeles Eames, PhD., started working with us on a full time basis as our assessment and evaluation guru. Angeles has a rich experience in teaching, administration, and as an entrepreneur. In her new role, Angeles will serve as a primary resource for faculty to support their efforts in the assessment of student learning outcomes. She will develop and lead assessment workshops and activities, provide web-based assistance, and assist faculty and faculty leaders as they prepare for various accreditation efforts. Angeles can be reached at ext. 4465 or via e-mail at
Starting this September, Jane Peller has agreed to be our CTL faculty liaison and help with workshop presentations in addition to her role as Blackboard advisor from the College of Arts and Sciences. She brings her Blackboard experience and limitless energy to the Center and is a most welcome addition to our area. Edward Diaz, formerly our student aide, is now our Graduate Assistant. He's been helping with administrative and troubleshooting duties and has proven invaluable. Many of you have already experienced Ed's friendly, helpful technical assistance. We also have some new student staff to introduce. Banjop Kittiworawat is a Graduate Assistant; Brian Miller, Arshia Khaleelullah, and Nurani Lo are student aides.
Finally a reminder, BITLIST-L is the listserv we host for NEIU Blackboard faculty users. If you aren't subscribed and would like to be, contact and we'll get you on the list.

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