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The Client Service Center, under the auspices of University Computing, offers a computer literacy training program to all faculty and staff. This program incorporates popular workshops, online tutorials, how-to handbooks, a website, and individual consultation and assistance. Since its inception over two years ago, the program has reached faculty and staff across campus, providing training on a wide variety of topics and skills, from getting comfortable with a mouse to building a database. The program emphasizes hands-on experience, relevant examples, and pacing adjusted to the level of the participants.
Workshops, the best-known part of the program, are held in the faculty and staff training room, CLS-4066. Currently, there are over 25 workshops to choose from, offered on a rotating basis. Monthly schedules are sent to all faculty and staff by email. The calendar can also be found at:
. Also found on the web site are workshop descriptions, syllabi, and course handouts, for those who want to make sure they know what will be covered, or who simply want to learn on their own.
Another great way to learn on your own is provided through the online tutorials. Registration is easy; just go to:
and submit the form. You will receive an email within three business days containing the URL and information you need to get started. You will be given access to a collection of short, topic-based tutorials on a wide variety of office software programs, including the full Microsoft Office suite. These tutorials can be used at any time, anywhere you have access to the Internet.
For those who prefer to learn from a book, a selection of software application manuals from the Microsoft Step-By-Step series are provided. To see a list of available manuals, go to the library catalogs page,, choose Course Reserves, and then choose University Computing as the Department. Each manual can be checked out for one week at a time at the Library Course Reserve Service Desk; bring the library call number when you go. These manuals are reserved for faculty and staff only.
The program is always interested in input from faculty and staff on training needs. Send any requests or comments to

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