Fall 2003

Opportunities to Learn

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Opportunities to Learn

AKA "trainme": The Client Service Center

Ronald Williams Library
Focus On: The Multimedia Learning Resource Center (MLRC)

Administrative Information Systems Training

Center for Teaching & Learning: Fall Update

Faculty and Staff Training Room Usage

Frequently Asked Questions on Secure Computing

Learning Resources from Other Sources

To paraphrase the ancient Merlin, the best thing for being confused is to learn something. When T.H. White wrote, "Look what a lot of things there are to learn," he probably never dreamed of the unending and sometimes undesired education we would all need to manage our beloved technology tools. Fortunately, NEIU provides many opportunities for staff and faculty to receive training in technology related topics.
In addition to the challenge of keeping up with technology, which we all face, the challenge for those of us who are not full-time students continues to be making the time to learn. University technology trainers from a variety of departments recognize this concern and do their best to provide accessible training options developed with their learners in mind. This issue of the newsletter provides an overview of available training on campus.

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