Elizabeth Oakes Smith
as featured in the Mogul Cigarette Card "Toast" Series, 1910

In the Winter of 2002 we received a visit from a collectibles dealer by the name of Nikk Salata. He was currently trying to sell this Mogul cigarette card on EBay.com, and wrote to thank us for the information on Oakes Smith. The first bid was set at $4.00.

In an email to me Mr. Salata explained the series in which we find Smith's toast:

What seems especially significant for literary historians is the startling fact that here in 1910, in this popular consumer form, Oakes Smith's name was still being used, her writings still being quoted, long after the work she had done to reform her society had been long forgotten. Many thanks to Mr. Salata for supplying this image. Best of all, there are still four other Oakes Smith Mogul cards to locate!

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