Smith's home in the early 50s

In the summer of 1842, Smith moved with her family to Brooklyn to avoid New York prices, although eventually the family was able to purchase a somewhat luxurious brownstone there. To the right is a recent photo of the Smith's home in the early 1850s, (then) 86 Clinton St., now part of Brooklyn Heights Historic District. Hers is the second door down.

On the 1855 map, 86 Clinton St is one of a block of houses on the West Side of Clinton St. near its intersection with Schermerhorn St.. The Smith's home was one of 18 similar lots on the block, shared by a Catholic Church and a private school. The Brooklyn Athenaeum was two blocks south at the corner of Clinton and Atlantic Streets. With a three block radius were a Methodist Church, a Universalist Church, a Presbyterian Church, a Unitarian Church, a Dutch Reformed Church, and a Roman Catholic Church.

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