Gravesite of Rolvin Smith

June 2013

Oakes Smith's second son, Rolvin, died at the age of six while the family was living in Portland.

The gravesite is listed in William Jordan's Burial Records, 1717-1962 of the Eastern Cemetery, Portland, Maine (Heritage 2009). When Rebecca Wiltberger and Abigail Harris made a grave rubbing of the stone in June 2013, the engraving was barely legible. Interestingly, other gravestones in the Eastern Cemetery, made of Maine slate, read as clearly as the day they were cut in the early 19th century.

Rolvin's stone reads as follows:


son of

Seba and Elizabeth

O. Smith

born June 16, 1825

died May 6, 1832

"I have done some good, haven't I?"

Oakes Smith recorded the context of Rolvin's last words--engraved here at the very base of the stone--in her autobiography years later.

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