TESL Faculty

Jeanine Ntihirageza

Associate Professor, TESL Program

Department Chair of Anthropology, English Language Program, Philosophy and Teaching English as a Second Language

Jeanine Ntihirageza (Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL) holds a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Chicago, with a specialization in Bantu languages. She has an MA in Applied Linguistics from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.  She received her BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Burundi where she subsequently taught TEFL and ESL classes as a Lecturer.  She came to the United States on a Fulbright Scholarship to do her graduate studies.  Her primary research area is phonology and morphology.  Her other research interests include contact linguistics and Pragmatics.  In addition, she is a currently working on an online bilingual Kirundi-English dictionary with Teddy Bofman and Paul Prez ( )  She is an Associate Professor at Northeastern Illinois University, and Department chair of Anthropology, English Language Program (ELP), Philosophy, and Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language (TESL).  She is also on the core faculty of the African and African American Studies program. She has taught Theoretical and Applied Linguistics for the last 13 years. She spearheaded a Genocide Research Group that recently organized a symposium on Silencing Genocide in Africa and African Diaspora.



Teddy Bofman

Professor & Graduate Advisor, TESL Program

Teddy Bofman has a BA in Linguistics from the University of Michigan, an MA in Southeast Asian Studies from Yale University, and a PHD in Linguistics from the University of Michigan.  She began her teaching career in 1973 and considers teaching her passion to this day. She has taught in the United States, Thailand, and Israel.  Her areas of specialization include ESL, EFL, teacher training, literacy, language acquisition, atypical language development, and Thai. Bofman is the author of The Poetics of the Ramakian, a study of the Thai national epic, and is currently working on an online bilingual Kirundi-English dictionary with Jeanine Ntihirageza and Paul Prez ( ).In 2012 Bofman was the recipient of Northeastern Illinois University’s Audrey Reynolds award for distinguished teaching.

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Courtney Francis

Lecturer & Coordinator TESL Clinical Experience, TESL Program

Courtney  Francis is a native of NYC and graduate of Brown University (Providence, RI), who came to Chicago for graduate school. Her BA is in Economics with a minor in Urban Studies. Courtney holds a Master's degree from University of Chicago in Social Service Administration and Policy, with a focus in Program Management and Administration. She is two classes away from an MA in TESL/Applied Linguistics, here at NEIU. Her academic interests include language contact, American English dialect, research in Innovative ESL teaching methods, and English language learner interface with native English speakers in urban settings. Outside interests include swimming, art appreciation, researching her family history, and spending time with her husband, and their  four children, aged 10-20.

In TESL, Courtney Francis teaches TESL 399 (TESL Clinical Experience) and TESL 340 (Practices and Procedures). She also teaches Developmental Writing and select courses in the Social Work Department.



William Stone


Associate Professor & Undergraduate Minor Advisor, TESL Program

William J. Stone holds a PhD in Linguistics from Northwestern University, Evanston, IL; his dissertation was on African American Vernacular English with a focus on syllable structure. He has an MA in Linguistics from Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago. He received his BA in French and Geography from the University of Wolverhampton in England and a post-graduate teaching diploma in French and English from St. Paul’s College, Cheltenham, England. He taught English as a foreign language in Tunisia, Qatar and Oman for a total of thirteen years and English as a second language in Chicagoland for nine years. His current research interests are affective aspects of TESL, humor and engaged learning. He is an Associate Professor at Northeastern Illinois University, where he has taught Linguistics, TESL and ESL courses for the past twenty two years.

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Jacqueline Trademan

Instructor, TESL Program

Ph.D. in Educational Linguistics, University of New Mexico

Area of expertise: TESL Methodology, with a strong interest in the use of technology in language teaching.