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February 1-2, 2013
T.E.A.M. Conference
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It all started with a question.

The idea for organizing Teachers of Experiential and Adventure Methodology (T.E.A.M.) started with a question over 23 years ago. "What if we held a conference for people in the Chicago area who wanted to talk about adventure?"

Since this question, T.E.A.M. Events now include the National T.E.A.M. Conference in February, the Wisdom of the Elders gathering in the Fall and a wide variety of professional development workshops throughout the year.

T.E.A.M. Events center on experiential and adventure education ideas for educators and spiritual growth and educational opportunities for all. For example, the annual T.E.A.M. Conference in February includes workshops on the following topics for educators: Building Community, Social Emotional Learning, Diversity, Team Building Activities, Portable Initiatives, Bullying Issues, Brain-Based Learning & Creativity, Leadership, Debriefing & Processing Experiences, Wilderness Skills, Talking Circles & Peace Circles, Health & Relaxation, Peace Fires and more.

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