Stage Center Theatre 2011-2012 Season
Main Stage Productions
Fall - 2011

Twelfth Night
by William Shakespeare
Directed by Anna Antaramian
Stage Manager: Ann Dernbach

One of Shakespeare’s greatest comedies, Twelfth Night revolves around mistaken identity.  Viola is shipwrecked in Illyria and believes her brother, Sebastian, to be dead.  She becomes a page (named Cesario) to Duke Orsino who asks her to woo Olivia for him.  Olivia falls for Viola (in disguise), Viola for Orsino and confusion ensues.  There are comic subplots involving Olivia’s uncle Sir Toby Belch, another suitor for Olivia, a silly squire, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, the fool Feste, and Olivia’s steward Malvolio.  Romance and laughter abound.

Brad Cantwell (Orsino)
Yim Chiu (Lady in Waiting)
Paul Hearnon (Feste)
Duncan Macnab (Valentine/Officer)
Blake Malley (Fabian)
Jill Matel (Maria)
Bruce Moore (Sir Toby Belch)
Arin Mulvaney (Viola)
Julie Partyka (Olivia)
John Portenlanger (Priest)
Jenna Portenlanger (Lady in Waiting)
Rand Ringgenberg (Malvolio)
Brian Rogers (Captain Antonio)
Nick Shea (Sir Andrew Aguecheek)
Nick Skyba (Sea Captain/Priest)
Patryk Szwankowski (Sebastian)
Gregory Taylor (Curio/Officer)

Production Staff_______________
Director...Anna Antaramian
Assistant Director...Arbella Al-bazi
Stage Manager...Ann Dernbach
Assistant Stage Manager...Essiemina Freeman
Assistant Stage Manager...Nicholena Sellen
Scenic Designer...Jessica Kuehnau
Costume Designer...Jana Anderson
Light Designer ...John Rodriguez
Musical Director...Tim Duggan
Musical Composers...Tim Duggan and Paul Hearmon
Violence Design...R&D Choreography (Richard Gilbert and David Gregory)
Sound Board Operator...Adam Francis
Light Board Operator...Crystal Yousif
Set Construction...Theatre Practicum Classes

Theatre Personnel___________
Managing Artistic Director...Rodney Higginbotham
Theatre Bookkeeper...Lisa Cantwell
Publications and Publicity Staff...Elizabeth Krahulec, Elizabeth Serrano
Newsletter Editor...Kathleen Weiss
Box Office and House Managers...Marta Mardosz, Seden Odabas

---Director's Notes---

What You Will

If music be the food of love, play on;
Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken, and so die.

Humor and romance go hand in hand in this the best of Shakespeare’s comedies.  Using some of the themes from his other works (mistaken identity, separated twins, unrequited love, witty fool), Shakespeare fine tunes previous plots, highly defines characters, and highlights intricate relationships.

There are those in love, Orsino with Olivia, Olivia with Cesario, Viola with Orsino; those in fun, Sir Toby with Maria, Fabian with Feste, and all of them with Sir Andrew; those in quest of fame, Malvolio with Olivia, Sir Andrew with Olivia; those in service, Captain with Viola, Antonio with Sebastian; and finally those in family, Viola (Cesario) with Sebastian, Olivia with her deceased brother.  Twelfth Night is a revolving door.

But the most notable thing about Twelfth Night is the play’s tribute to life in all its precariousness and preciousness.

Viola lands in Illyria after a shipwreck and believes her brother is dead.  The Captain tries to encourage her:

Viola        Perchance he is not drown’d: what think you, sailor?
Captain:    It is perchance that you yourself were saved.
Viola        O my poor brother! And so perchance may he be.

Sebastian, Viola’s brother, also survives with the belief his sister is dead:

Sebastian:    …For some hour before you took me from the breach of the sea was my sister drowned.
Antonio:    Alas the day!
Sebastian:    …She is drowned already, sir, with salt water, though I seem to drown her remembrance again with more.

Olivia is mourning her brother’s death shortly upon her father’s.  The Captain explains to Viola:

Captain:    A virtuous maid, the daughter of a count
                That died some twelvemonth since, then leaving her
                In the protection of his son, her brother,
                Who shortly also died: for whose dear love,
                They say, she hath abjured the company
                And sight of men.

The antics of Sir Toby, Maria, and Fabian assisted by Feste are ribald and thus life affirming even at the expense of Sir Andrew and Malvolio.  Sir Andrew is happily duped because his money buys the drinks; Malvolio is duped because his Puritan nature objects to the drinks.

Thus Shakespeare affirms life in its most serious aspects and its silliest.
                                                                                                                                                                     Anna Antaramian, Director

Pictures from Rehearsal

Arin Mulvaney (Viola);  Brad Cantwell (Orsino)
Jill Matel (Maria); Paul Hearnon (Feste);  Nick Shea (Sir Andrew) Arin Mulvaney (Viola) Rand Ringgenberg (Malvolio) and Julie Partyka (Olivia)

Brad Cantwell (Orsino) recently appeared at the Stage Center Theatre as Speed in The Odd Couple, Kirby in You Can’t Take It With You, as Phileas Fogg in Around the World in 80 Days, Gordon in Dead Man’s Cell Phone, Richard in Hay Fever, Sydney Carton in A Tale of Two Cities, various roles in Vaudeville America, Richard in Living Out, Oberon in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Amenuensis/Geronte in The Illusion, and as Teddy in How He Lied To Her Husband.  Brad loves working with this cast and crew and is forever grateful to the wonderful Anna Antaramian.  To his loves Lisa and McCoy:  Play On!

Yim Chiu (Olivia’s lady in waiting) is excited to be in Twelfth Night with so many wonderful actors for her first time working with Stage Center Theatre as a performer.  Yim is currently performing as a porcupine in a Children's Theatre production at Northeastern. She was also very thankful to have been given the opportunity to work as an assistant stage manager for The Odd Couple. Thanks to her family, Bella, Anna Antaramian,    Lisa Cantwell, and to all of her friends for their encouragement, love, and support.

Paul Hearmon (Feste) is absolutely delighted to be working with old friends and meeting new ones!  Don't be deceived, the guitar is fake, the music is being piped through by the clever sound guys. Likewise, so is the singing. Oh, and the acting too. At least you have the rest of the wonderful and very real cast to entertain you!

Duncan Macnab (Valentine/Officer) is very happy to be back at The Stage Center. He recently appeared in Tennessee Williams' Summer and Smoke at The Den Theatre which ran for seven weeks. Before that he appeared in two one-act plays Wrinkles of Shock and Trust Me at Oakton Community College's Play On Festival. Other Stage Center credits include Cubs Fan in Bleacher Bums, Barsad in A Tale of Two Cities, various parts in Vaudeville America!, Fergus in Finding the Sun, and a Conveener in Skin of Our Teeth. He graduated with a B.A. in CMT from NEIU in 2008. Other studies include classes at Piven Theater Workshop and Actor's Gymnasium

Blake Malley (Fabian) is excited for his second performance at NEIU’s Stage Center Theatre after playing Peter in O Come All Ye Faithful. He would like to thank his family and friends for their support over the years. He would also like to thank Anna and the cast and crew of Twelfth Night for an amazing first experience doing Shakespeare and for helping him get a grasp on the Bard’s language.

Jill Matel (Maria) is excited to be returning to Stage Center Theatre for her sixth time and to be working with this truly talented and devoted cast.  She is also very excited to have returned to school as part of the CMT department at NEIU this fall to finish her undergraduate degree.  Jill attended Barat College as a dance minor and theatre major and has been very active in the theatre community in both Milwaukee and Chicago for several years.

Bruce Moore (Sir Toby Belch) is thrilled to return to the NEIU stage. He last appeared as Ray in the  Studio Series production of O Come All Ye Faithful. Bruce would like to thank Anna for the opportunity to be in this wonderful production and he is grateful to work with such a talented cast and crew.

Arin Mulvaney (Viola/Cesario) is delighted to be making her Stage Center Theatre debut and thanks Anna for this amazing opportunity!  Recently, Arin has worked with Prop Thtr, Caffeine Theatre, Chase Park Theater, and Beast Women Cabaret.  Her favorite roles include Kate in Shrew, Puck in Midsummer, Desdemona in Othello, Dori in Schoolhouse Rock!, Kit-Kat Girl in Cabaret, and Helen of Troy in Trojan Women.  Arin is the Managing Director of The Shakespeare All-Stars, an arts outreach organization dedicated to using Shakespeare's work to inspire, educate and entertain audiences of all ages.  Many thanks to Mark for his love and support!

Julie Partyka (Olivia)is excited to be working with the folks at Stage Center for the first time. Since arriving in Chicago for graduate school over ten years ago, she has had the good fortune to have worked with theatre companies that include Stage Left, Trap Door, Timeline, Eclipse, First Folio, Buffalo Theatre Ensemble, and Griffin Theatre among others. She is a founding Collective Member of Bailiwick Chicago. With the arrival of Julie's second child, she has been focused on raising her family with her husband, Peter, and she wants to thank Anna for giving her this opportunity.

Jenna Portenlanger (Olivia’s Lady in Waiting) is an art major and music minor in her fourth year as a student at NEIU. She has an interest in acting, and has been taking theatre classes for the past two years. She was last seen at the Stage Center Theatre’s Children’s Theatre Workshop performance of The Love for Three Oranges and the main stage production of Bleacher Bums.

John Portenlanger (Priest)  is a lifelong north-side Chicagoan. He received his BA in 1967 from an institution known to historians as Northeastern Illinois State College and his MA in Geography in 1973 from NEIU. After a career teaching at Chicago Public Schools, John retired in 2009 and returned to NEIU to begin  taking courses “just for fun.” John wishes to thank Jenna for inspiring him with the idea that theatre classes can be fun and Rodney, Dan, and Chris for confirming that idea, and Anna for having faith in his ability. 

Rand Ringgenberg (Malvolio) is very excited to be performing in the newly renovated Stage Center Theatre with such a terrific company. He has been seen recently here in The Odd Couple, You Can’t Take it With You, As You Like It, Emma’s Child, and Dead Man’s Cell Phone. Rand is a CMT major at NEIU and will be graduating in December. He is having a great time once again tangling with the bard and taking on the role of Malvolio during his last semester, as well as assuming the role of playwright.  Two of his one-act plays, O Come All Ye Faithful & The Gedanken Experiment, were presented in the Studio Theatre this past October.

Brian Rogers (Antonio) is thrilled to be involved with his fourth production at Stage Center Theatre.  One could say that he's caught the acting bug and it burrowed under his skin and laid eggs in his heart.  Brian wishes to thank the cast and crew for an unforgettable experience, especially Anna, whose guidance and support have been invaluable.  One last very special thanks to Kristen, a remarkable and wonderful fiancée.

Nick Shea (Sir Andrew Aguecheek) is glad to be back after an all-too-short run with the cast of The Odd Couple. Love to friends and family, and congrats to Stage Center Theatre--he simply loves what they've done with the curtains! 

Nick Skyba  (captain) is excited to be making his debut on stage at NEIU. His most monumental stage experience was at the age of 12 playing the wolf, in Little Red Riding Hood. It took some time to regain his confidence before attempting a return to the stage. He is a staff member at NEIU working in Enrollment Services.  He is also in the process of completing his MAT in Education at NEIU, but has run into a “slight” delay finishing the program.  He hopes that his aspiration for the stage will not be overcome by the perspiration of the audience running for the exit door.  All kidding aside, the cast is composed of consummate professionals who will captivate your interest.

Patryk Szwankowski (Sebastian) is very excited to be performing in Twelfth Night and working with proficient and talented actors going into his third year at Northeastern Illinois University. He has performed for two Children's Theatre Workshop classes (The Wolf and its Shadows, The Love For Three Oranges) while attending school. Majoring in Communication, Media and Theatre, Patryk hopes to one day be a screenwriter or a playwright. He hopes to bring an added element to an already stunning cast. He wants to thank all his friends and family for their support!

Greg Taylor (Curio/Officer) has very little acting experience, which consists only of Misc. Drama projects from a few different classes and two shows he was in in high school.  The first one was a variation of West Side Story in which he was lucky enough to have been cast as Riff. The second show was a combination of Chicago and Cabaret that was called it “Chi-Cabaret

Artistic Staff Profiles________

Anna Antaramian (Director) has been a member of NEIU’s theatre family for the past twenty-two years. She has been the Managing /Artistic Director of the Stage Center Theatre, Thymely Theatre, the Summer Theatre and is a past president of the Illinois Theatre Association. She holds an M.F.A. from New York University and has worked in various theatrical venues across the country, the most recent being the Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre.  Special thanks to H-S-A-N-T-J-D and, as always, Mr. McGuire.

John Rodriguez (Lighting Designer) joined the theatre faculty at NEIU nine years ago and has been teaching courses in technical theatre as well as working as a designer on Stage Center Theatre productions.  Most recent designs include Around the World in Eighty Days, Bleacher Bums, Odd Couple, A Midsummer Night’s Dream as well as Thymely Theatre’s productions of You Can’t Take It With You and As You Like It..

Jessica Kuehnau (Set Designer) is pleased to be designing her fifth season for the Stage Center Theatre. Since completing her M.F.A. in Scenic and Costume Design at Northwestern University, Ms. Kuehnau has been designing sets and costumes for such notable theatres as Pegasus Players, Circle Theatre, Griffin, Lifeline Theatre, MPAACT, Adventure Stage Chicago, Metropolis Performing Art Center and Backstage Theatre.  She is also the resident set designer at North Park University and a founding ensemble member of Adventure Stage Center Chicago.

Tim Duggan (music) is an assistant professor in the department of Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies at NEIU, where he facilitates the Secondary Education Program and teaches English education courses. He is the former director of education and outreach at the Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, and over the past two years, he has conducted several teacher workshops for the Chicago Shakespeare Theater.  As a musician, Tim has recorded several CDs, including two collections primarily devoted to Shakespeare music.

Jana Anderson (Costume Designer) has worked with the Stage Center Theatre for the last few years  Her work has also been featured by numerous theatre groups including Redmoon Theatre, Light Opera Works, Irish Repertory Theatre, just to name a few.  Prior to coming to the United States, Jana created elaborate costumes for classical opera productions at the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia  When she is not preparing costumes for theatre productions, Jana is busy designing and creating unique haute couture fashions for individual clients in the US and Europe.

R&D Choreography  (violence choreography) is having a great time working on another show with NEIU! R&D was founded by David Gregory and Richard Gilbert for the purpose of improving the power and effectiveness of Chicago area theatre through the art of violence design.  Since 1997, R&D has choreographed fight scenes in over one hundred ninety productions, taught stage combat at universities, colleges, and workshops, and performed in professional theatre, live stunt shows, and film. They have designed violence for dozens of Chicago area theatres, including About Face, Apple Tree, ATC, Bailiwick, Blindfaith, Circle, First Folio, Griffin, Lifeline, National Pastimes, New American Theatre, Piven, Profiles, Shakespeare’s Motley Crew, Theo Ubique, Trapdoor, and Vitalist

Ann Dernbach (Stage Manager) is thrilled to be stage managing her fourth show at Stage Center. She has previously stage managed Lucky Stiff, Vaudeville America!, and You Can't Take It With You. Recently, she appeared as Phoebe in As You Like It, Gay Wellington in You Can't Take It With You, and Cecily Pigeon in The Odd Couple. Ann would like to thank the cast and crew for making her love Shakespeare even more, Anna for always making things amazing, and her friends and family for dealing with her crazy schedule this semester.

Arbella Al-Bazi (Assistant Director) is thrilled to be working alongside a talented cast and crew.  It has been such a wonderful experience learning from Anna; when I grow up I want to be just like her.  Arbella just recently assistant directed for The Odd Couple.  Arbella will be graduating in the spring.

Essiemina Freeman (Assistant Stage Manager) will complete her masters degree from NEIU in Communication, Media and Theatre this December.  She wants to thank Professor Antaramian and Anne Dernbach for supporting her in the production of Twelfth Night at The Stage Center Theatre.  She is grateful for the knowledge and theatrical skills she learned while working with the director, cast, and crew.  She is having a wonderfully fun time!

Nicholena Sellen (Assistant Stage Manager) is completing her first semester at NEIU. She is a CMT major and loves theatre. She has been in many theatrical productions. Most recently, she was in the Studio Series show at NEIU. She is very excited to be apart of this production of Twelfth Night and hopes you enjoy it.

Special thanks to______________________________________________
John Portenlanger
David Hersey
Music Dept. of Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences
Tim Duggan
Paul Hearmon
Rick Gilbert
Lisa Cantwell
Brian Rogers
Katrina Bell-Jordan
Cyndi Moran
Tony Adams

For all their assistance to me and the Stage Center Theatre productions for the past 20-some years:

Department of Communication, Media and Theatre
Department of Music
Department of Art
The Controller’s Office
The Budget Office
Building Maintenance
The Office of the College of Arts and Sciences
Academic Affairs
Facilities Management
Enrollment Services
Public Relations/Marketing
University Police Department
Help Desk
Beck’s Bookstore Manager and Staff
University Library
Property Control
Mailing, Shipping and Receiving
Human Resources
University Technology Services
Office of University Events
Media Services
Heating Plant

The cast of Twelfth Night

Full Cast and Crew of Twelfth Night

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