Presented in April, 2006

Directed by Bill McIntosh
A comedy by Steve Martin in one act
Place: a bar is Paris
Time: 1904

This long running Off Broadway absurdist comedy places Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso in a Parisian cafe in 1904, just before the renowned  scientist transformed physics with his theory of relativity and the  celebrated painter set the art world afire with cubism. In his first  comedy for the stage, the popular actor and screenwriter plays fast  and loose with fact, fame, and fortune as these two geniuses muse on  the century's achievements and prospects as well as other fanciful  topics with infectious dizziness. Bystanders, including Picasso'  agent, the bartender and his mistress, Picasso's date, an elderly  philosopher, Charles Dabernow Schmendimen and an idiot inventor  introduce additional flourishes of humor. The final surprise patron to  join the merriment at the Lapin Agile is a charismatic dark haired singer time warped in from a later era. (The Samuel French, Inc.  catalog)

Elizabeth Colon-Nelson ....Suzanne/Visitor
Patrick Garone ............Picasso
Jamie Kolacki..............Einstein
Keta Roth .................Germain
Aaron Nathan...............Gaston
Jonathan Ramsey ...........Schmendiman
Shama Dardai ..............Countess
Hugo Rosado................Freddy
Richard Olivo .............Sagot
Sarah Sherron..............Admirer

Production Staff

Producer................................Rodney Higginbotham
Director ...............................Bill McIntosh
Stage Manager ......................... Karen Meagher
Scenic Designer/Co-Technical Director...Lizz Otto-Cramer
Lighting Designer/Co-Technical Director John Rodriguez
Costume Designer........................Elizabeth Shaffer
Sound Designer .........................Leroyed Manuel
Sound Board Operator .................. David Browning
House Manager...........................Lauren Bonner
Box Office Manager .................... Brigid Blume
Assistant Box Office Manager............Mimi Pounds
Accounts Manager........................Becca Raven Uminowicz
Graphic and Playbill Designer...........David Ropinski
Publicity Staff ........................Lauren Bonner, Timmothy McGaugher
Light Operator......................... Mary Santana
Set Construction ...................... Theatre Practicum class

Shama Dardai as Countess 
Sarah Sherron
as Female Admirer
Jamie Kolacki as Einstein
Keta Roth as Germaine
Jonathan Ramsey as Schmendiman
Aaron Nathan as Gaston
Patrick Garone
as Picasso
Hugo Rosado as Freddy
Jamie Kolacki as Einstein
Elizabeth Colon-Nelson as Elvis
Patrick Garone as Picasso
Elizabeth Colon-Nelson as Suzanne
Shama Dardai as Countess
Jamie Kolacki as Einstein
Patrick Garone as Picasso
Photos: NEIU_imageAC

Hugo Rosado (Freddy) has been in NEIU’s last  three productions in  the past two semesters.  Hugo has worked  in theatre since the  age of twelve where  he first appeared as  Gandolf in The Hobbit. Since then, Hugo  has grown up appearing in and training  at various Chicago Park Districts as well  as Theatre on the Lake and The Second  City. Past credits include film (the soon  to be released You Are Going To Prison),  stage plays and many comedy sketch  revues with ¡Salsation!, Chicago’s first and  only Latin comedy group. Hugo’s varied  interests include music, photography  and cinematography. In the future Hugo  wishes to continue learning the art of  acting while finishing school. He is very  thankful to all of his present and past  directors, castmates and crew for all he  has learned.

Jamie Kolacki (Albert Einstein)  This is Jamie’s fourth  show with the Stage  Center. Previously he  was seen as Renfield  in the fall production  of Dracula. Looking  forward to pursuing his love for the  theatre, Jamie thanks his friends for  always being there, his family for being  the strongest support system ever, and  everyone that lied to him that his hair  looks good long!

Elizabeth Colon- Nelson (Suzanne/  Visitor) This is  Elizabeth’s debut  with Stage Center  Theatre, and what a  glorious ball it has  been. Hailing all the  way from Georgia, this Puerto Rican  southern belle has thoroughly enjoyed  this opportunity to work with such a great  director, crew and cast. If by chance you  were in any small theaters in Atlanta or at  Elizabeth’s alma mater (Lee University)  then perhaps you have seen her in  Antigone as Antigone, The Foreigner as  Catherine Simms or in Charley’s Aunt as  Amy - just to name a few. If by chance this  is your first on-stage ‘Elizabeth sighting,’  never fear - this historic night will be  photographed and she will be sure to  make it into the picture! Elizabeth would  like to thank Selma and Calyx for being so  understanding during the mess.

Aaron Nathan (Gaston) received his BA in speech and  music from NEIU in  1986. While attending  NEIU, Aaron appeared  in Stage Center’s  productions of Sounds  and Words, The Misanthrope, Last Dance  and As you Like It. In 2004, he joined the  Unity players where he performed in the  Old Boy, Cinderella, A Social Event and  The Proposal. Aaron currently teaches  high school for Chicago Public Schools  and is also a musician.

Keta Roth (Germaine) is very pleased to be  part of this production!  What a fun show, cast  and crew! She was last  seen on this stage as  Leontine in Triumph of Love. She has also worked with Theater at  the Center, Provision Theater, Apple Tree  Theatre TYA, Theatre Hikes, St Sebastian  Players, Village Players, Attic Playhouse,  Lincoln Square Theatre, Fleetwood- Jourdain, Stage Two, Bailiwick and a short  tour of Greece. May God Bless America!  Enjoy Life.

Richard Olivo (Sagot) is currently attending his first year at NEIU. He is a  double major in History and Education.  He has been involved in many theatrical  performances such as Jesus Christ  Superstar, Fiddler on the Roof, Grease,  Oliver, The Music Man, Evita, Bye Bye  Birdie and Joseph and the Amazing  Technicolor Dreamcoat (at the Chicago  Theatre). He is very happy to be involved  in this show with the wonderful cast and  crew.

Shama Dardai (Countess) is pleased to be taking part in  her fifth NEIU Stage  Center production. She  is an English major,  Sociology minor, Aries  and proud recipient  of an NEIU Talent Scholarship Award  for 2006 in Communication, Media and  Theatre. She is grateful for the support  and dedication of the cast, crew, director  and audience and would like to thank  everyone involved. She would also like a  cookie.

Patrick Garone (Picasso) This is Patrick Garone’s  fourth Stage Center  production. He was  previously seen as  Les Kenkat in Boy  Gets Girl and prior to  that he was in Life is A Dream and The  Real Inspector Hound. Patrick is also an  ensemble member of ¡Salsation! Theater  Company, NFP and is the director of their  new sketch revue, The FANTA Menace  currently showing at Meztli Gallery in  Pilsen.

Sarah Sherron (Visitor) has been very active in the arts  since seventh grade,  when she debuted in  The King and I. Since  then, she has been  in more than twelve  plays/musicals. Her biggest roles include  Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, Adapearl  from The Wiz and Rosie from Bye Bye Bye  Birdie. She has also been in West Side  Story, Beauty and the Beast, Hair, and the  the recent Dracula at NEIU. At NEIU she  is now studying teaching and theatre and  looks forward to further her involvement  in the Stage Center. She hopes the  audience enjoys this play as much as she  has in the making of it. "This cast was  awesome, thanks guys!!!"

Jonathan Ramsey (Schmendiman) is currently a junior  at Northeastern,  triple majoring in  things unrelated to  theatre. He is a highly  inexperienced actor,  working with nothing but the raw human  emotion that swells within his dark soul.  His major influences include Larry David,  Ricky Gervais, Jose Lopez and John Casey.  He would like to thank his friends, his  family and everyone in the Department of  Philosophy who have come to show their  support.

Bill McIntosh (Director) If it seems like Bill has been hanging around the Stage  Center for a couple of years, it is true.  Some four years ago he appeared onstage  in Scapino. Then he directed Inspecting  Carol, maybe three years ago. A year  ago he appeared on stage (again) with  The Game of Love and Chance. Goes to  follow that he would direct again. With a  cast like this he wonders why he waits so  long! Also, Bill has directed for festivals  in Seattle and for a children’s show about  safety that has gone all over the globe. He  would most like to thank the fine people  who have read this little bio and are about  to enjoy all out fine work (that’s you)!

Elizabeth Shaffer (Costume Designer) received her Masters Degree in design  from Pennsylvania State University in  2000, after graduating from Washington  University in St. Louis. She has been  designing and draping in the Chicago/  Milwaukee/St Louis area for several years.  Her work has been seen in collaboration  with Lifeline Theatre (Artistic Ensemble  Member), Bailiwick Arts Center, L’Opera  Piccola, Northeastern Illinois University,  Reverie Theatre Company, Townsquare  Players, The Griffin, Chicago Jewish  Theater, Opera Theater Highland  Park, Loyola Univesity, Northwestern  University Opera Department, The  Metropolis, Appletree Theater, Opera  Moda, Circle Theater, Theatre Building  Chicago, One Theatre Company, Chicago  Chamber Opera, Theatre at the Center,  Remy Bumppo and Light Opera Works.  She also spent five years as the Assistant  Designer/Head Draper for the annual  Baroque Handel Opera Festival in  Gottingen, Germany. Elizabeth is the  2004 recipient of the Michael Maggio  Emerging Designer Award and the winner  of the Chicago After Dark Award for  Queen Lucia with Lifeline Theatre.

Lizz Otto-Cramer (Co-Technical Director, Set Desiger) is pleased to be a new  faculty member here at Northeastern.  Lizz earned her Master of Fine Arts at  the School of the Arts in Winston-Salem  North Carolina. She has been working  professionally since graduation and has  designed and painted in Milwaukee WI,  North Carolina, and Washington D.C. Her  credits include Dracula, Fiddler on the  Roof, A Christmas Story, and Cole among  others.

John Rodriguez (Co-Technical Director, Lighting Desiger) joined the theatre  faculty at Northeastern two years ago  and has been teaching courses in  technical theatre as well as working as a  designer on Stage Center productions.  This year John has taken on the shared  responsibilities of Technical Director  along with new arrival Lizz Otto-Cramer.  John most recently designed the set and  lighting for Dracula and the lighting for  Picasso at the Lapin Agile.

Director’s Notes

Albert Einstein (Physicist) Mr. Einstein was born at Ulm, in Watternberg,  Germany, on March 14, 1879. Six weeks later the  family moved to Munich and he began schooling  there at the Luitpold Gymnasium. Later, the family  moved to Italy and Albert continued his education  at Aarau, Switzerland. In 1896 he entered the Swiss  Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich to be trained  as a teacher in physics and mathematics. In 1901,  the year he gained his diploma, he acquired Swiss  citizenship. Unable to find a teaching post, he accepted a position as technical  assistant in the Swiss Patent Office. In 1905 he obtained his doctor’s degree.

Pablo Picasso (Artist) Mr. Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain in 1881. Picasso  showed a gift for painting and drawing at a young age.  His father, an art professor, encouraged his son to paint  and Picasso went through training programs in Barcelona  and Madrid. As a young man, Picasso and his best  friend Carlos Casajemas fled the conservative Spanish  environment and settled in the lively arts community of  Paris where he began to be noticed for his work. After  being rejected by a woman, Picasso’s friend Casejemas  committed suicide. Picasso reflected his grief in his art and began painting  melancholy scenes of misfits and poverty, primarily in the color blue.

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