Spring, 2008

The Studio Series
The Studio Series offers a variety of one act plays produced fall and spring semesters next door to the Stage  Center in room F-109.

Director’s Notes

When the idea of finding a companion piece to Oedi (short for Oedipus and pronounced Eddie) was first presented to me, Joe  and Stew’s Theatre of Brotherly Love and Financial Success came  to mind. Both plays were selected to be a part of the Best  American Short Plays series.

Oedi is a spoof of the Sophocles tragedy Oedipus Rex. In the classic play, King Laios of Thebes and Queen Jocasta leave their  baby, Oedipus, for dead in the woods because of a prophesy that  predicted that Laios would die at the hand of his own son.  Oedipus, however, was rescued and raised by foster parents who  never told him of his true lineage. Suspicious, Oedipus sought the  advice of a prophet who predicted that Oedipus would kill his  father and marry his mother. On the road back from the prophet,  Oedipus met Laios and not knowing that he was his father, killed  him in a disagreement about which wagon had the right-of-way.  Oedipuswent on to solve the riddle of the Sphinx, freeing Thebes  from the Sphinx’s curse. His reward was the hand of the queen of  Thebes, Jocasta, his biological mother. Thus, the prophesy was  fulfilled.

The Director would like to thank the cast and crew, as well as Anna Antaramian and the entire CMT Departement.

Production Staff
Director...Christopher Leonard
Assistant Director/Stage Manager...Sarah Sherron
Technical Director/Lighting Designer...John Rodriguez
Set Designer...Christopher Leonard
Costume Designer...Christopher Leonard/Sarah Sherron
Sound Designer/Lightboard Operator...Rasa Aliukonyte
Playbill/Poster Designer...Hugo Rosado

Cast of Characters
Joe and Stew’s Theatre of Brotherly Love and Financial Success
Joe...Christine Harrison
Stew...Gail Wittenstein

Oedi...Jamie Kolacki
Creon...Hugo Rosado
Tiresias...Michael Villarreal
Jocasta...Kara Ewinger

Profiles (Cast)

Christine Harrison moved to Chicago in September after graduating from Ball State University with a degree in Musical Theatre. Her  previous works include The Colored Museum, Thoroughly Modern  Millie, Cabaret, and This Is Our Youth. She has also appeared in  The 1940’s Radio Hour and in the melodrama Lily, The Felon’s  Daughter, both at Muncie Civic Theatre. Christine would like to thank  Elephant and Castle for working around her rehearsal schedule, her  boyfriend Nick for helping her stay sane, her mom and dad for putting  up with her for so many years, and her little sister for just being a little  sister.

Gail Wittenstein is super excited to be returning to NEIU Stage Center Theater after having appeared in last spring’s production of Fitting  Rooms. Gail has been studying at Act One Studios with Grant Stokes  while working towards her Bachelor’s in Communication/Media, and  Theatre. Gail would like to thank the cast & crew for lots of laughs  and wonderful creative energy, and her family and friends for "continuing to support me as I pursue my passion!"

Jamie Kolacki is happy to return to the stage after taking a break to get married. He is really excited about working with such a great  cast. Jamie would like to thank Chrissy for all of her love and support.
Hugo Rosado is excited to make his return to the stage after a short hiatus. He is in his final semester here at NEIU, working towards his  Bachelor’s in Communication/Media and Theatre. Hugo would like to  thank his friends for making the experience fun, and Charles for his  support.

Michael Villarreal is a writer, actor, director, community activist and a Chicago native. Michael is a graduate of NEIU and has also studied at  Piven Theatre Company, The Second City, The Annoyance Theatre and  Victory Gardens Theatre. Recent writing and directing credits include:  Sangre de Atole, A Blank Stare is Better Than an Empty Chair and  El Matador. Michael is also Co-Artistic Director of Salsation Theatre  Company, and Founder of Hot Mess Productions, a community based  theatre company dedicated to community based writing and  presentations. He is grateful for the opportunity to work with such a  talented cast.

Kara Ewinger
was recently seen here in The Skin of Our Teeth, Miss Julie, and The Birthday Party. She has also performed with various  off-loop theatre companies. Kara received her BA in Theatre Arts at  the University of Iowa and also studied at Victoria University and the  Wellington Performing Arts Center in Wellington, New Zealand. Kara  is excited to be working with this talented group of people!

 Profiles (Crew)

Christopher Leonard (Director) teaches in the Communication, Media, and Theatre department here at NEIU and is an English teacher  at Truman College. He has acted in numerous productions here at  Northeastern. He has also served as a dialect coach and last year  directed the Studio Series production of The Actor’s Nightmare. Chris  would like to thank the cast and crew for all of their hard work. He  has considered it a joy and an honor to stage this comedic theatrical  production. Next up for Chris is a role in a stage adaptation of Lois  Lowry’s novel The Giver (www.TheGiverPlay.com).

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