Much Ado About Nothing (William Shakespeare)
Directed by Anna Antaramian
Summer, 2006
Claudio, a well-respected nobleman, and the lovely Hero are in love and plan to marry until the sinister Don John, Prince Don Pedro's illegitimate brother, invents a plot that leaves Hero stranded at the altar. Meanwhile, all the characters rally around the equally clever Beatrice and Benedick. While the two are constantly at each other's throats, everyone else is sure they're the perfect match. Find out if love does conquer all in this Shakesperian comedy classic.

The play takes place at Leonato’s home, the Governor of Messina

Act One
Scene 1: In the morning in front of Leonato’s house.
Scene 2: In the evening inside Leonato’s house.
Scene 3: That same evening inside Leonato’s house.
Act Two
Scene 1: That same evening in a hall in Leonato’s house.
Scene 2: That same evening in Leonato’s house.
Scene 3: The next day in Leonato’s orchard.
Act Three
Scene 1: The same day in Leonato’s orchard.
Scene 2: The next day in Leonato’s house.
Scene 3: In the evening in a street.
Scene 4: The next day (the wedding day) in Hero’s apartment.
Scene 5: The same day in Leonato’s house.
Act Four
Scene 1: The wedding day in a garden.
Scene 2: The wedding day in a garden.
Act Five
Scene 1: A new day in front of Leonato’s house.
Scene 2: The same day in Leonato’s orchard.
Scene 3: The next day in a churchyard.


Joseph Alaimo (Borachio) is pleased as punch to be working, yet again, with Anna at the Stage Center. Joey is no stranger to this stage. He has appeared in many productions over the years. During the last 10+ years Joey has also worked as producer, stage manager and marketing coordinator for the Stage Center Theatre. He also finds himself fortunate enough to be on staff with the fine folks of Infamous Commonwealth Theatre as their Box Office Manager. During the day Joey also works in the arts at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie.

Linnea Carrera (Margaret) is currently a student at Northeastern Illinois University, where she is majoring in Communication, Media and Theatre. She has performed in several productions at NEIU, and is a Creative Associate with Salsation Theatre Company. She was last seen at NEIU as Carmen in Simply Maria, and worked as Assistant Director in The Waiting Room. Most recently she performed as an Ensemble Member in Salsation’s The Fanta Menace at the Meztli Gallery. When not at school or the office, she likes to geek out over Jane Austen and Harry Potter. And when she’s not doing that, she’s working on her music: piano and vocals, and even occasional composition. Linnea would like to thank Anna for the opportunity to work with her first love, Shakespeare, and to send a huge thank you to all her friends and family for their love and support. Snickety-snick!

Allen Davis (Dogberry) is currently nearing the completion of his Master’s degree in Communication, Media and Theatre at Northeastern Illinois University. He has appeared in numerous Stage Center and Summer Theatre productions. Among his favorite roles are Gately in Pvt. Wars, Dr. Einstein in Arsenic and Old Lace, Mr. DePinna in You Can’t Take it With You, Paul Cleary in A Case of Libel, and Nate in Breakfast With Les & Bess. He returns to the stage at the request of numerous fans that missed watching Allen create the magic of theatre. Allen wishes to thank everyone who has made this night possible.

Javier Delgado (Oatcake) is a senior at NEIU and working for the first time as running crew at the Stage Centre Theatre. He has an associate’s degree from Wright Community College where he worked on numerous productions. He has also directed the HERMOSA community Organization’s Children’s Theatre productions of Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, and Alice in Wonderland.

Patrick Garone (Don Pedro) is a frequent performer at NEIU’s Stage Center. He was most recently seen as Pablo Picasso in Steve Martin’s Picasso at the Lapin Agile. Prior to that he appeared in Boy Gets Girl as Les Kenkat. Patrick was also the writer/director for last fall’s Studio Series show Backwardly Mobile and recently directed the sketch revue The FANTA Menance for Salsation Theatre Company, of which he is also an ensemble member.

Michelle Hine (Hero) is a recent graduate of Northeastern Illinois University. There she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in History, and will continue her studies in the ESL program this fall. This is Michelle’s first arrival on stage, and is glad to be apart of such a wonderful cast and crew.

Benjamin Hunt (Verges) is thrilled to be working with NEIU’s Stage Center Theatre for the first time. His professional credits include a season with Shawnee Theatre in Bloomfield, IN, where he appeared in The Star-Spangled Girl and Run For Your Wife, and two tours with Bridgework Theater performing original plays for schools throughout the Midwest. Before that, he was often on stage at DePauw University where his favorite roles were Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Clarence Darrow in Never the Sinner. He left DePauw with a degree in Biology, which he currently uses in his double life teaching people about dolphins at the Shedd Aquarium. Ben wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for his girlfriend, Kelly.

Jamie Kolacki (Claudio) is happy to be working with Thymely Theatre again, having been seen in last years Too Soon for Daisies. Most recently he was seen as Einstein in Picasso at the Lapin Agile here at the Stage Center. Other roles include Renfield in Dracula, Kenny in Fuddy Meers, Arty in Lost in Yonkers, and Segismundo in Life is a Dream. Jamie would like to thank his family, friends and his Scully for all their love and support.

Leonard Lawrecki (Balthasar) is currently a student at Northeastern Illinois University, and is proud to make his theatrical debut in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

Christopher Leonard (Leonato) is pleased to be making his fifth appearance at the Stage Center Theatre. He has previously been seen here as an English theatre critic (The Real Inspector Hound), an elderly king (Life is a Dream), a vampire hunter (Dracula), and a time-traveling doctor (The Waiting Room). Theatre runs in Chris’ family: his greatgrandfather (Bolossy Kiralfy) was a producer in London and New York who produced the first known stage production that utilized electric lighting (with the assistance of Thomas Edison) and his grandmother (Verona Kiralfy Leonard) was a world-famous ballerina. Chris would like to dedicate this performance to his brothers, Brian and David.

Dan Marco (Antonio) has been seen in numerous productions in Chicago and the western ’burbs. Most recently he has performed in Tartuffe with Oak Park Festival Theatre, and Dracula and Chad Morton’s TV Christmas Miracle for Village Players. Other favorite roles include Sir Toby in Twelfth Night (Chase Park), Banquo in Heavy Metal Macbeth (Bailiwick) and Nicely-Nicely Johnson in Guys & Dolls (Open Door). He is on the board of Oak Park Festival Theatre, presenting classics in the park for over 30 years (please visit

Shelly Rao (Beatrice) is honored by this opportunity to bring one of the bard’s most interesting women to life for the Thymely Theatre. A native of Kansas City, Missouri, Shelly has made Chicago her home for the past six years, training in improv at IO and Annoyance and Meisner Technique at the Artistic Home. She is a former member of the Playground’s improv group, Theo and the Joint and current member of the sketch comedy group, Monsters from the Id. Favorite past roles include Maggie in Lend Me a Tenor, Barbara in Shear Madness and Jenkins in the world premiere of Pushing the Envelope. Shelly sends all her love to Mr. Dragon.

Rick Reardon (Friar/Sexton) is currently a student at Northeastern Illinois University. He is grateful to be cast in Much Ado About Nothing and delighted to be working with such a wonderful director, stage manager and cast.

Jeff Roll (Don John) is currently entering his second year of schooling at NEIU,;this will be his third production at this school, having been previously in Dracula and The Waiting Room. Aside from a growing collection of phoenix feathers (he has yet to prove that the feathers are actually from a phoenix), Jeff is also considering a career across the sea at the Ministry of Silly Walks, specializing in help for the elderly with a "silly walker." In his free time Jeff likes to hoard precious supplies in preparation for the coming apocalypse.

Hugo Rosado (Conrade) a current student at NEIU, has been involved in theatre since the age of twelve. He has trained with the Chicago Park District, Theatre on the Lake and The Second City. He has performed in several shows here at the Stage Center, and hopes to continue to pursue acting after graduation.

Terra Schultz (Ursula) is a proud graduate of the University of Wisconsin Green Bay’s theatre program. Since arriving in Chicago, she has stage managed The Side Project’s Crave and performed in Support Structure Chicago’s Tennessee’s Quarter, Lincoln Square Theatre’s Night Caps, and most recently a staged reading of Picasso at the Lapin Agile. Terra would like to thank her family, Chad and Cheryl for supporting her acting endeavors, Anna for this opportunity, and you for supporting live theatre.

Douglas Von Fleck (Seacoal) is a philosophy major and a theatre minor. He has taking many theatrical classes and is happy to make his debut in Much Ado About Nothing. He has a profound interest in theatre and drinks lots of lager.

Jeff Wade (Benedick) is thrilled to be returning to the Stage Center with such a wonderful cast. He has also appeared in Gore Vidal’s The Best Man and Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest and is a 2003 alumnus of NEIU. As a life-long Chicago area resident, Jeff has spent most of his life working as a freelance classical violinist and played with many local orchestras including the Elgin Symphony. Jeff currently does local voice-over work, primarily with Montrose Pictures. He collects stadium cups, paper and bad habits. He is eternally grateful to Marcella for her steadfast love and support. He also wishes to thank his parents, his reluctant brother and family, and finally, Anna, for having such faith in him. It is wonderful to work with her again!

Jeff Roll, Hugo Rosado, Michelle Hine, Terra Schultz, Patrick Garone, Christopher Leonard, Dan Marco, Jamie Kolacki, Jeff Wade, Joseph Alaimo, Linnea Carrera, Shelly Rao

Dan Marco, Shelly Rao, Terra Schultz, Linnea Carrera, Michelle Hine, Jeff Wade, Jeff Roll

Shelly Rao, Jeff Wade, Dan Marco, Terra Schultz, Hugo Rosado, Christopher Leonard, Jamie Kolacki, Michelle Hine, Jeff Roll

Dan Marco, Rick Reardon, Christopher Leonard

Patrick Garone, Christopher Leonard, Dan Marco, Jamie Kolacki, Jeff Wade

Dan Marco, Christopher Leonard

Christopher Leonard, Michelle Hine, Patrick Garone, Jamie Kolacki
Background:  Terra Schultz, Patrick Garone, Christopher Leonard, Dan Marco, Michelle Hine, Jamie Kolacki,
Foreground: Jeff Wade, Shelly Rao

Jamie Kolacki, Rick Reardon, Dan Marco, Michelle Hine, Terra Schultz, Christopher Leonard, Jeff Wade


Production Staff_______________________________
Director....................Anna Antaramian
Stage Manager..................Melanie Bujan
Assistant Stage Manager..................Javier Delgado
Set Designer......................Skelly Warren
Costume Designer..................Judith Warren
Assistant Costumer...................Beth Warren
Light Designer..................Reginah Walton
Master Electrician....................Elias Morales
Technical Director...............Fionnegan Murphy
Public Relations Director...............Carolyn Bonner
Poster/Brochure Designer............Timothy McGaughey
Publicist.......................Melanie Bujan
Box Office Manager.................Donna Duraj
Finance Director...............Becca Raven Uminowicz
Sound Designer.................Leroyd Manuel
Seamstress.....................Elizabeth Hurlbut
Running Crew.....................Leroyd Manuel,Omar Elias
Costume Crew...................Berenice Aguilar
Light Booth......................Bruce Powers

Lobby Display.................Mary Solof’s students from
Wauconda Middle School: Diana Jarrell,
Ryan Murphy, Spencer Nick,
Christopher Woolridge, James Yost.

Set Construction..............Summer Theatre Class:
Marilyn Adler, Sheri Berg, Janelle Germanos,
Grad Lynk, Nichole Lynk, Dallas Mallory, Clyde McLeod,
Tina Montgomery, Olga Shabbas, Tania Torres

Special Thanks________________
Thymely Theatre Board, Karol Bayley, Joanne Cartalino, Russell Wartalski, The Fox, Pam Strauman and her staff, Lynn, Tom and Bob in Purchasing, Anna Brown and Zane Whittaker in Client Services, Ray Gonzalez and Milifer Hasis of the Photography Club for publicity photos, Joey Alaimo, Don Cleary for community outreach, Sharon and Gerald Guptail, Cyndi Moran and Eric Scholl, Martin Felix for production photos, Fed Ex/Kinko’s, University of Wisconsin - Parkside, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Racine Theatre Guild, and the Summer Theatre Class.

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