Stage Center Theatre 2012-2013 Season
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2012-13 Season Stage Center Theatre
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
by Jeffrey Hatcher
Directed by Dan Wirth
Jill Matel (Stage Manager)
Fall Semester of 2012

In this Victorian horror story, adapted from the novella by Robert Louis Stevenson, the respectable, disciplined, Dr. Jekyll makes the tragic mistake of using himself as a guinea pig to test the effects of experimental drugs prepared in his laboratory. Much to his horror, his drug concoction unleashes a reckless, evil dimension of himself in the form of Mr. Hyde. Hyde’s lusty, unbridled designs on a woman prompt Jekyll to try to undo his experiment before further damage is done. The play examines the duality of human nature, the effects of drug addiction, and the consequences of repression and denial. Teeming with mystery and shadows, Hatcher’s tale asks the question: Is there a Hyde in each of us?

Cast List______________

Yim Chiu... (ASM, Trampled Girl, Cadaver 1, Prostitute)
Mark Dodge... (Hyde 3, Dr. HK Lanyon, Man 3)
Tony Gasbarro... (Hyde 2, Sir Danvers Carew, Richard Enfield, Man 2)
Elizabeth Krahulec... (Hyde 4, Poole, Police Doctor, Woman 2)
Daniel Ochoa... (Hyde 1, Gabriel Utterson, Man 1)
Nickolena Sellen ...(Old Woman,Surgical Student 2, Maid)
Michael Slas... (Drunkard, Hotel Porter, Surgical Student 1, Policeman, Cadaver 2)
Lily Stephens... (Elizabeth, Woman 1)
Jeff Wade... (Dr. Jekyll)

Click Here for all the pictures taken by Dan Wirth (Director) on Flickr

Even Hyde Needs a Hug
Lily Stephens (Elizabeth) and Mark Dodge (Mr. Hyde #3)

The Many Faces of Mr. Hyde
Elizabeth Krahulec (Hyde #4), Mark Dodge (Hyde #3), Jeff Wade (Dr. Jekyll), Tony Gasbarro (Hyde #2), and Daniel Ochoa (Hyde #1)

Dissection Disagreement
Tony Gasbarro (Sir Danvers Carew), Yim Chiu (Corpse), and Jeff Wade (Dr. Henry Jekyll)

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