by: Daniel Sullivan &  The Seattle Repertory Co.
February 22, 23, 24, March 1, 2, 3,  8, 9, 10 - 2001

A CHRISTMAS CAROL meets THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR meets NOISES OFF in this hilarious hit from Seattle.  A man walks into a small, midwestern theatre and asks for an audition. He is so naive that he is suspected of being a government informer for the National Endowment for the Arts. Everyone caters to the bewildered wannabe actor and he is given a role in the current production, A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Everything goes wrong and hilarity is piled upon hilarity.  (Samuel French, Inc. Catalog)

The ghost of Christmas Past, better known as "Third World Baby," (Les Jennings) in NEIU's production of Inspecting Carol, presents a piñata of hope to Scrooge (Vincent Villalobos). In the Soapbox Playhouse's rendition of A Christmas Carol we find NEIU's StageCenter theater's production of Inspecting Carol.  Clockwise: Martha(Lucy Rendler-Kaplan), Tiny Tim(Brandon Allen Ray), Mrs. Cratchit (Deb Kowalczyk), Cratchit (Paul Martin), Scrooge(Vincent Villalobos), the ghost of Christmas Present(Les Jennings), and Peter (Brandon Sifrar). Wayne Wellacre (Brandon Allen Ray) discusses his dream of becoming an actor with MJ(Lucy Rendler-Kaplan) in NEIU's production of Inspecting Carol.

Brandon Sifar as Bart Frances
Lucy Rendler-Kaplan as M.J. McCann
Brandon Alklen Ray as Wayne Wellcare
Katherine Czerwinski as Zorah Blach
Rae Gray as Lily Beatty
Deb Kowalczyk as Dorothy Greehapgood
Glen Frail as Sidney Carlton
Paul Martin as Phil Hewitt
Les Jennings as Walter E. Parsons
William Mayer as Kevin Emery
Vincent Villalobos as Larry Vauxhall
Lina Khalil as Betty Andrews

Production Staff

Directed by William McIntosh
Stage Manager Maria Castro
Assistant Stage Manager Mary Jo Chrabasz
Set/Light Designer Robert G. Smith
Master Electrician Adam Doud
Light Board Operator Eddie Kattner
Sound Technician/Board Operator Jeng Fong
Costumer Tina Haglund
Prop Master Jeff Wade
Stagehands Asma Ali & Sherry Banks
SCT Photographer Ann Censotti
Box Office Manager Michelle Lange
Publicity Coordinator Joseph Alaimo
Publicity Assistant Brandon Sifar
SCT Reception Coordinator Carole Brown

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