From the
Children's Theater Workshop for 2000-2001

October 16 through December 8, 2000
Children’s Theatre Workshop
(Grades 5-8)    FRANKENSTEIN
by:  Patrick McGuire
Director:     CeCe Klinger

"Dead bodies on board?  I shrink with disgust"  L to R: John Callas, Jeng Fong, Simone Arthur, Peggy McCarthy "Ah, Monsieur!  You shall have your portrait zoon!"  L to R:  Jennifer Newman, Simone Arthur, John Callas "No, no, no, what horror, what a blasted horror!"   L to R:  John Callas, Jeng Fong, Juan-Carlo Vargas, Jennifer Covelli

 The workshop is an NEIU course popular with elementary education majors who
will be asked to use the skills learned in the course when they begin their
careers in the classroom.  Students in the course fill all of the production
jobs, from actor to technician, and mount a production for audiences of
elementary school children.

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