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Here is a collection of resources to help enhance your Sociology experience at NEIU. There are many things that you can do to get the most out of your education at Northeastern other than just attending classes.

Academic Support Services at NEIU - Links to campus resources to enhance your education experience

Career Information - A useful collection of links to help guide sociology majors or minors along their career path

Honors and Awards - Distinctions and monetary awards given to exceptional students in the Sociology program

Sociology Club - An official student-run organization with activities including discussions, film screenings, and guest speakers involving all aspects of Sociology

Academic Support Services at NEIU

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Career Information

Students majoring in Sociology often have the same question:  "What can I do with this degree?" Well, the truth is you can do a multitude of things.

Visit the Career Counseling Office here at NEIU or check out some of the web links below for some helpful information:

Careers and Jobs in Sociology
American Sociological Association

Career Center & Internet Resources for Sociology Majors
Portland State University

Careers in Sociology
by W. Richard Stephens, Jr.

Sociology Related Careers
University of North Carolina Wilmington

What can I do with a sociology degree?
University of Southern Indiana

Career information for Sociologists
O*NET - Occupational Information Network

Social Scientist Career
U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook

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Honors and Awards

1. Northeastern Illinois University

Northeastern Illinois University Honors Program
The NEIU Honors Program is a four year university wide program that provides a challenging educational experience to academically talented students.  The Honors Program serves as a laboratory for academic innovations that will improve undergraduate education, and provides a place for students to discover the best in themselves. Successful completion of the Honors program offers students an added advantage when seeking employment or admission to professional and graduate schools.  For more information on admission requirements (visit or call Kathleen Kardaras at 773-442-6044.

Distinctions in the Sociology Department
The Vera Linda Milam Paper and Social Action Competition. This award is given periodically to an outstanding major in Sociology.  Contact the Sociology Department at:  773-442-4770  or  send  an e-mail message to  if you need more information on this award.

The Misty Sienkowski Award.
The award is intended for Sociology majors who experience financial emergencies that interfere with their ability to attend class and successfully complete a semester.  The maximum award is $250.00 per year per student.  The award can only be used to purchase books and other course related expenses. 

2. National and Regional Honor Awards

American Sociological Association
Membership is open to traditional undergraduates who are seniors, and students finishing their studies in non-traditional settings and community colleges.  Students wishing to join this honor society must have a  minimum GPA of 3.5 (on a 4.0 scale) in Sociology, and write a short  (2 or 3 pages) essay on their future plans in Sociology. Applicants must also have a faculty  sponsor  who writes a  short  evaluation  of  the  applicant.  Each  application must be accompanied by a nonreturnable twenty-five dollar fee.  Click on for further information about the Honors program.

Midwest Sociological Society Annual Student Paper Competition.
The competition is open to students from the nine-state Midwest region and to other student members of the Midwest Sociological Society.  Graduate and undergraduate papers are judged in separate divisions with prizes in each division.  Students may nominate their own work, or, with the students permission, advisors may submit papers on their students? behalf.  For more information about the rules of the competition, send an e-mail to Paul Kivisto at or visit

Alpha Chi/Illinois Zeta Chapter.
Membership to this honors program is by invitation to juniors and seniors who display exceptional academic excellence. Although the GPA of elected members varies from year to year, members are typically selected from the  top 10% of their classes.  For more information on admission requirements visit or call Kathleen Kardaras at 773-442-6044.

Alpha Kappa Delta
Alpha Kappa Delta is an international Sociology Honor Society open to Sociology majors at the junior level with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in Sociology (3.0 overall), who have completed at least four Sociology courses.  Lifetime membership costs  $25.00 and includes a one year subscription to the Sociological Inquiry, published quarterly.  Renewals for Sociological Inquiry are $15.00 per year

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