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The Council of International Programs(CIP Chicago)) is a non-profit international educational exchange program, committed to promoting international understanding through professional development and cross-cultural exchange. CIP Chicago works with area businesses and non-profit organizations in developing high quality, work-based training opportunities and recruiting and placing highly qualified and motivated professionals to match those opportunities. CIP arranges J-1 visa for visiting professionals. Founded in 1960 to promote cross-cultural exchange between the U.S. and post war Germany, today CIP Chicago functions as an affiliate of CIP USA that works with the U.S. Department of State in arranging the J-1 visa exchange visitor program. Over the years CIP has brought nearly 10,000 international professionals from 147 countries to the United States for practical training. Many of these have come to Chicago.


This session’s professionals are all domestic violence experts who come from Serbia. I was given the opportunity to volunteer my services with this program when I had received a phone call from a high school friend. I directed CIP to local Serbian churches, government organizations, radio, television, and restaurants, to help set up appropriate arraignments for the visitors. Last week I was able to attend a few of their workshops and experience some of the benefits and issues that this organization faces internally. Because the organization is responsible for arranging host families to situate these professionals, I got to witness what could happen when an inadequate family is approved to host a family. This being one of a few other conflicts within this government funded organization, made me experience and see firsthand just how frustrating working in a non-profit can be.

For More Information Visit:Council of International Programs Chicago

NEIU Sociology graduate Jorge Ortiz (class of 2010, now a doctoral student in Sociology at University of Illinois-Chicago) recently appeared on ABC7 Chicago News. Jorge has worked in recent years with members of his family to establish the Rogers Park Community House that has a day care center and an afterschool program. Family members and other community activists are currently struggling against eviction after the bank (Nationwide, backed by Fannie Mae) refused to modify the mortgage and foreclosed on the building.
Another NEIU Sociology alum, Chris Poulos (class of 2009), is also in the news clip of an August 17th, 2010 press conference held by supporters of the Rogers Park Community House. Check out the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign on Facebook for more information.
See the video: Rogers Park family could lose day care center


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