Shane Murphy

Adjunct Professor
Department of Economics
Northeastern Illinois University
Chicago, IL

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 8:00-9:00 am (in the library)

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Fall 2008, I taught principles of macroeconomics. Information about the course can be found here.

Spring 2008, I taught math economics and economics statistics. Information about the math course can be found here, and information about the statistics course can be found here.

Fall 2007 I taught principles of microeconomics, the course information can be found here.

I have previously taught Calculus II, Calculus for Business Students, and College Algebra courses. Please contact me if you are looking for my materials related to those courses.

About Me

I graduated from the University of Nebraska in 2004, and have a masters degree in mathematics from Iowa State which I recieved in 2006. While at ISU, I also completed the coursework towards a masters in Political Science, but I left before finishing to pursue a PhD in economics at Cornell. I left Cornell after one year to come to Chicago to plan my wedding. I got married July 26, 2008. I plan on returning to an economics graduate program in fall 2009. My interests are in development, resource economics, and game theory (particularly coordination and organization).

Here is my CV in pdf format, or here it is in html.

Main Research Topics

Economics of Civil War:

I am particularly interested in the economics ov civil war and violence. To that effect, I presented a paper at the Illinois Economics Association meeting at the University of Illinois-Chicago in October, 2008. The paper is here; here is the abstract:

Abstract: This paper extends the concept of global games to state insurgency. The model is applied to time series data from the Political Instability Task Force. The paper provides empirical evidence that information infrastructure plays a structural role in whether a state experiences civil war; this supports the idea that indeterminate information plays a substantial role in coordination-type games.

Contemporary Trends in Rationality and Utility Theory:

My otherstrong interest is in rationalaity and modeling behavior. While at Iowa State I studied algebra and logic and wrote my masters thesis on fuzzy sets and game theory. A draft is at the Iowa State math thesis archive; I have intended on digging up the final version for ages, but I still haven't. Here is the abstract:

Abstract: Fuzzy Game Theory is a growing field in mathematics, economics, and computer science. In this paper, we follow the thread of fuzzy logic to the doorstep of social sciences and game theory. We then examine how fuzzy sets have been applied equilibrium theory of games and discuss some cases where Nash equilibria can be show to exist, and ultimately a situation where a Nash equilibrium does not arise unless the game is one of perfect information.

Other Research

While teaching mathematical economics I compiled a reading list on contemporary utility theory, and subsequently have added some personal thoughts on the subject, which can be read here. Other: I have compiled data and written reports for various professional and academic (read: student) projects. I have also learned to use perl and R for data management and analysis. Thus I have generated a small amount of human and computer capital related to a few topics. These include:
  • Hybrid and Hydrogen vehicles in the United States,
  • Oil and Natural Gas industry in the United States and in Illinois,
  • 1991-2002 Civil War in Sierra Leone
  • perl
  • JAVA
  • C
  • R
  • SAS

Please feel free to contact me if you have are interested in these topics and would like some help getting started, would like a bibliography, or, most of all, would like to work together on a project involving them.