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Starting a New Organization

There are many ways to get involved on NEIU campus.  A good place to start is to join a student club or organization.  But, if you cannot find an organization in your area of interest and you think others on campus share your interest, you can start your own club/organization!  Here is some information to help you get started:

  • Any organization wishing to be chartered through the Student Leadership Development Office must be a student club. This means that all members of the club are currently enrolled students. There can be no alumni, faculty, staff, or outside community members as part of the club. 
  • All members must have & maintain an accumulative 2.0 GPA or a higher GPA (as stipulated in your constitution).
  • The club must also have a current full-time faculty or staff as an advisor.  This person must write a letter, to be included in the charter application for submission, indicating they agree to serve as the faculty/staff advisor for the club.
  • The purpose of the club has to be unique from already existing chartered clubs; and general enough to gain a healthy membership and have longevity on the campus.
  • Finally, this club cannot be affiliated with or managed by any academic department.  The sole functioning of the club must be managed by the students, alone.  This stipulation exists because all chartered clubs have the potential to receive student fee funding.  Student fees cannot be used by or for academic department purposes.
  • Once you’ve completed your charter application, constitution, and received the letter from your faculty/staff advisor, submit the entire packet to the Student Leadership Development Office (E-041B). 
  • Note that the entire process leading up to being fully chartered takes approximately 1 month; possibly a little longer depending on Student Government Senate and Charter & Rules meeting dates as well as new club executive board availability for the mandatory New Club Orientation.

Also, feel free to schedule an appointment with our office so that we can help you through the process.  We are more then happy to answer any questions you may have.

If your club fits all stipulations and you wish to go through the chartering process with our office, the New Club Charter Application can be found here:

Sample Constitution

How to Start a Club

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Sample Constitution