Student Activities

OrgSync is a hosted services organization that provides tools and applications needed to organize and manage student organizations and their members. The Student Activities Office purchased the technology package from this organization. The package is the online club management system that functions very similar to the NEIUport but is specifically geared toward student organization/clubs resources, management, and systems.
Each club has its own portal group and each potential student leader and club/organization member has their own portal page. The umbrella organization for NEIU is “SAO ClubNet”. This is the managing portal and oversight is within the Student Activities Office.

How it works:
1. OFFICIAL SAO SYSTEM: It is mandatory that all clubs/organizations use OrgSync. Not doing so will result in the organization missing a great deal of information/resources (such as forms available). This is now the OFFICIAL process for SAO management of student clubs/organizations.

2. PORTALS CREATED: All club/organization portals have already been created. The password to join any club/organization is “northeastern”. Please DO NOT change this password. The only organizations that have permission to change their password are Greekletter organizations.

3. OFFICERS REGISTERED. The login/registration website is Your email address will be your login/username. Please try to complete all fields of the registration form. It allows us to gather demographics on our student leaders and users. All information is strictly confidential.

4. ADMINISTRATIVE PERMISSIONS: All officers must be made “administrators” of their club (in order to manage/manipulate the club portal). If you are the first to join the group, please contact the SAO office to make you an administrator. From that point on, it will be your responsibility to make other officers administrators as they join the group. All administrators have the permission to manage their entire club portal.

5. FORMS: Since the electronic forms such as the ROE and funding proposals are the most used functions of OrgSync, it is important that you know how to get to them. In your CLUB portal (not personal portal), go to the links on the left of the portal. Go to “forms.” All forms may not show immediately. They are in alphabetical order. So use the page navigation arrows or seach by typing in the name of the form.

6. CHECKING THE STATUS OF A FORM: If you submitted a form and waiting on a reply/approval from the SAO, you can check the status of your form right in OrgSync as the SAO staff are able to respond directly on your form. Go to “forms”. Click on the button at the top of the page that says “My Submissions.” You should see a list of every form you’ve ever submitted. Here is the key for understanding the status as indicated next to your form:
“DEFERRED” = We have received your form and it is being processed.
“DENIED” = There is a problem w/ your request. Please read the “notes” section on your form and contact the SAO.
“ACCEPTED” = We have processed your form and have an answer for you. Please open your form and review the “confirmation” or “notes” section to see our response.
“PARTIAL” = Your form was not electronically submitted successfully. Open the form and look to see if you have completed every field. Fields w/ asterisks (*) next to them are
mandatory. Remember to always hit submit on the last page of the form. If you do not immediately see a message saying your form was submitted successfully, it did not transmit. When you hit submit but you still see your opened form, it did not transmit.

7. GET TO KNOW THE PORTAL FUNCTIONS: The best way to understand all the resources available on OrgSync is to play around in your club portal. You can also attend OrgSync training or come to the SAO at any time to get individual training. If there are ever any issues, give us a call at x4660.

1. Go to
2. Click on “Register” in the top right corner.
3. Complete all required fields (at least). We recommend that you complete all fields so that if you ever need a leadership/service/involvement transcript, we can create one from the information.
4. Once you’ve completed and submitted the registration, you will be in your individual portal.
5. Click on “Join an Organization” in right top corner. This will take you to a list of Universities.
6. Find “Northeastern Illinois University” (NOT to be confused with “Northeastern University”) and click the “organizations” button to the right of it. This will take you to a list of all NEIU clubs.
7. Find the club you would like to join and click “Join”. This will take you to a blank green screen. It’s not really blank. Just scroll back up to the top where it will ask you for a password. You can join as many clubs as you’d like.
8. Enter the password “northeastern” and hit “submit”. Note that all club passwords are
northeastern unless there are Greek-letter organizations.
9. If you wish to go into your club’s portal, just click on the name of the club that should appear below your name on the left side of your personal portal page. To get back to your individual portal, just click “portal” at the top of the page.

What Can Clubs & Organizations Expect?
Clubs will be able to:
- Organize and manage club membership information
- Create and manage and club event calendar available to ALL members
- Create and store documents related to club function
- Track event attendance by members and officers
- Assign , track and manage tasks in order to ensure the work of the club/organization is done
- Track club/organization funds
- Post messages to all members w/ the option of also emailing members
- Store files
- Submit online paperwork to the Student Activities Office
- Hold online discussions w/ members
- Poll members for feedback
- Website for creation of a website (much easier to manage)
- SAO can create official leadership/service/involvement transcripts based on individual club member’s activity tracked by the system.

The Student Activities Office is willing to do individual or group training. For individuals, please come to the SAO in SU-206 during business hours (8:30am-4:30pm MRF; 8:30am-6:30pm TW). For group training, please contact our office to schedule a time and location. x4660